What To Do When Our Prayers Has Not Been Answered? (1/2)

There is but one answer to this question and that is: Understanding.

Above all it’s always best to ask for understanding and wisdom about something before you ask for the thing or desired change itself.

Ask to understand yourself better, ask to understand God better, life better, the situation better, and so on.

Ask sincerely; what am I not seeing clearly here? What am I missing?

What is there for me to see that I’m not seeing?

Am I avoiding something, or refusing to see something? What is that?

Here’s an article that you might find helpful: mariaerving.com/transformative-prayer

The old thought pattern and behaviors around prayer (and seeking answers) has to be interrupted if you find that your prayers has gone unmanifested or if you feel the pressing need to find solutions to a challenge that you find yourself in at the moment.

You can absolutely ask for the answer and solution directly from the all-knowing Source, and this is what this two part article series will be about.

There is a solution to any question you might have, although asking for understanding and wisdom opens up for even more than direct solutions will.

But let’s focus on all types of questions that you might have. No limits. 

First, I want to invite you, and maybe even challenge you, to go to the mirror and look yourself in the eyes and say:

”Be still and know that I am God”.

Go ahead, do that right now before we continue because it will help you put yourself in the right frame of mind.

Because God is not outside of us, in fact; just as we live, move and have our being in God, God also lives, moves and has Its being in us.

And we can learn to live in this awareness and function from it by letting go of the conscious mind on a daily basis by going into prayer and meditation where we turn to the intuitive mind.

All the answers that we seek already exist, so there is no need to be begging and pleading a God ‘out there’ to hear your prayers, but instead go into prayer assuming that answers already exist, because they do.

They already exist in the superconscious mind (the God-mind), and by silencing the conscious mind we allow the wisdom that is already there to come forth.

While the subconscious mind is a memory bank and can help you find solutions that has worked in the past, the superconscious mind has the capacity to give you something you have never known before; new ideas, new thoughts, new inspiration, new ways of doing and seeing things; it’s innovative and has infinite capacity to bring forth the perfect solutions to any questions or challenges we have.

There are no limits to the presence; it’s the God-mind – the all-knowing mind.

That’s where intuition, inspiration and direct knowing comes from.

So it’s an intuitive process where we release the power and wisdom we all have within us and we do it by silence.

So whenever you find yourself fretting over something, or struggling to get an answer on something, or if you feel the need to an answer that will bring you out of any difficulties, or if you lack inspiration, whatever it might be for you personally, then stop the doing, and be still.

Just stop, and BE.

Spend time in nature for example, and when you come back home your mind will be refreshed and ‘new’.

There’s a saying; ”don’t just do something – stand there!” that really fits into what I’m trying to convey.

Don’t try so hard with your conscious mind to fix something, but instead go out for a long walk in nature, walk in silence and ‘talk with God’.

Find a spot somewhere where you can sit and meditate and receive what you need to know, receive new inspiration, receive solutions.

Or just sit at home and pray and meditate. It’s the silence that is important.

The usual ”please God help me”-prayer is not going to help, but instead I want to invite you to know that there is already an answer and that you have access to it by listening within.

In that stillness you will receive it, whatever it is that you need.

It will come as a flow of ideas, inspiration and knowingness; it will inform the conscious mind and you will find the path forward illuminated, but probably not in the way you have thought you would.

Be open to newness, ‘infinite possibilities’ if you will.

Open up to something you have never considered before, or seen before, or understood before.

Sometimes it helps to write the questions down and then when you have done that, then go into the silence.

Here’s a couple of articles that I think you will find helpful:

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Write Questions To Your Intuition (Journal) 

An important thing to know is that there’s a way in which we are to listen, and it sounds contradictory, but we should listen without trying to listen.

Don’t strain to hear or listen, but let go and allow the answers to come to you.

You remain attentive with the intention to receive answers, but you don’t try to make anything happen, you let the process happen, so it’s important to be very still and give it some time.

(The ego can become restless in this process but just give it some time.)

After a while things start to flow and you will feel the presence of God and then you can begin to ask questions, or simply listen if you have written the questions in your journal before you went into the silence.

Then you just let whatever that wants to come to just emerge from within. Let it come to you. 

Remember to assume that the prayer has already been answered and that all you need to do is to become aware of what is already within you.

In the silence you are one with the God-mind, so you listen to the superconscious mind, or the ”Father”, ‘who’s great pleasure is to give you the Kingdom’.

Go into this process knowing that the God-mind wants to fulfill Itself through you, it wants to give you the Kingdom.

The answers are already within your consciousness, and you get access to them by moving from the lower level of consciousness (the conscious mind) to the higher level, and you do it by silence.

Here’s one of my books ”The Power of Aligned Thought – How The Mind Works And How To Use It” where you can learn more about how the conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind works and how to access the God-mind:

The Power of Aligned Thought E-book.

So to receive answers and guidance we must open ourselves to whatever greater possibilities there are for us, and we can expect to receive guidance that we may never have thought about before, so let the God-mind within you suggest something to you that you haven’t known or been aware of before.

Center yourself in God by silence, knowing that God is already centered in you, waiting for you to make conscious contact with it.

Behold, the Kingdom of God is at hand”.


Part 2 will be published soon and you can find it here:



I love spending time in nature talking with God.

This pic is from one of my recent walks (see the rainbow?).


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