Use your agitation as a tool to move forward

Energy-draining activities that brings people down:

  • Wallowing in agitation and annoyance and not doing anything to change your perspective or situation. 
  • Endlessly talking about mundane things where there’s no depth or real substance in the conversations.
  • Focusing on negative things such as what you read in the newspapers and talking about the news (how horrible this or that is), and engaging in mindless conversations and so on, things that only makes the ego stronger.
  • Not listening to our mind and body when it wants to rest, or not taking action when the energy is there is another energy drainer, and so is the act of thinking excessively of the past and future.

Life is right now, and we’re constantly guided in the moment on the next thing to do, so there really is no need to be concerned about anything but instead see to it that you’re in alignment with Life/the universe at this precise moment.

This means following the natural flow of your life instead of the ego-minds thought stream that spans either backwards or into an imagined future which often time is perceived as scary and frightening. 

We can use all these things to create change in our life by first ending the talking and then starting the action-taking.

We can use our distaste and disturbed and agitated feelings to create a new energy flow where the stream of energy is focused towards constructive action and a positive, ‘realistic’ attitude.

*This* right now is all there is, and from this point on you have the choice of going with your ego, or going with your gut-feeling and natural instinct where the next thing for you to do is put before you by Life.

Then your path becomes obvious, if you just stay present and aware. 

Enjoy your life, be in the moment, and move from a place of Spirit

There’s no one forcing us to continue moaning about the news or be annoyed by something someone said or did or whatever it may be. 

We don’t have to stay disturbed or agitated, we can move forward by using the annoyance as an motivator, or inspiration, to make changes in our lives.

Knowing and being aware of what you don’t want or like is the springboard to making new decisions and moving forward.

We’re supposed to take our emotional reactions as feedback to guide us towards where we want to go, and the choices you make will determine exactly that; it determines the course of your life in this moment and forward.

Or, you can stay where you are of course, the choice is entirely yours. 

Being disturbed and agitated is good when it comes to spiritual growth because it forces you to move beyond your ideas and beliefs, but the stronger your ego, the longer it takes before a breakthrough can happen.

The door to further progress opens when we let go of the old ways of perceiving things and doing things. 

When you know what you don’t want you can use that awareness to determine what you do want, and then start moving towards it.

And when you do, new doors start to open for you and a more enjoyable unfolding of life can take place. 

Don't forget to actually life life, to do things that add value to your life and that enhances your enjoyment in this very moment.
Don’t forget to life your life, to do things that add value to your life and that enhances your enjoyment in this very moment. None of us know how much time we have left in this life so ‘stop and smell the roses’ (click on image), and reevaluate what activities you put your attention and energy into.

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