Obstacles in life

Use Your Experiences Positively

“Negative” (undesirable) aspects in life are there to help us grow, not to break us. 

Feelings are there to either show us the way forward (through intuition), or to tell us that something has to change (and that we need to make the change) and so on.

And any ‘negative’ event or situation in our life is there to help us become even more clear about what it is that we do want to experience in life.

If those ‘negative’ (or challenging) events didn’t happen, you wouldn’t be the person you are now as they helped mold you into the (better-for-it) person you’ve become.

For example, the bad relationship you had taught you what you really don’t want to have anymore in your life.

By the experience you came to realize and clarify for yourself that you deserve better and thus your level of self-love and self-respect increased. 

Becoming angry and fed up was just what you needed in order to break free and thus you learned a valuable lesson about self-love, values and boundaries.

Sometimes it’s healthy to become angry as anger can be a very strong force for change if it’s channeled in the right way.

The experience helped you define what it is that you want and you also learned to trust you gut-feeling about people so you don’t go there again if a person with similar energy enters into your life. 

You steer away from them while doing the necessary inner work until your new energy vibe becomes strong enough to begin attracting the right type of relationships into your life.

Empower yourself, always. 

Whatever ‘bad’ (undesirable) experiences and/or encounters you have that you may perceive as something negative you can turn into something positive.

You can shift your mindset and make the experience count (instead of being victimized by it) by seeing the positive aspects of it.

In some way it is always meant to help you grow and become more, or teach you something important that you wouldn’t been able to learn if the undesirable thing hadn’t happened.

“Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.” – Bernice Johnson Reagon

Perception and Perspective is Everything. 


Life is always getting better and better as you grow from your challenges.

The trees in the image are not obstacles that you have before you, but obstacles that you have overcome.

In your mind, picture yourself standing with your back to the tree that is in the front.

See yourself moving forward from where you currently stand.

You have overcome many things in your life, and with each experience you discovered more and more of who you really are, and the more You you became, the freer and happier life also became. 

Now decide that it’s time to go even higher. Choose it! 

When you follow the flow of mass consciousness, you feel alone, abandoned, stuck and contracted. When you follow the flow of your own life's energy, help is available and you're supported by the universe and experience progress and continuous expansion.

If you're ready to make the shift, I'm here for you.


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