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Many people don’t know what “ego” means and get easily defensive and offended and are saying things like “I’m not egoistic, I’m very giving!” so I wanted to give a little explanation about the ego although it will be very brief because I know how much the ego loves us to have our attention on it. It doesn’t want us to know that there are a different way to view life so it does everything to keep us having our focus on it as much as it possibly can. Mostly through fear and a sense of separation. That we are better than others, and that we are right and all else is wrong. Ego thinks it knows everything and gets defensive and arrogant when their view of life gets threatened.

To live life from an ego perspective doesn’t mean you are “egoistic”, although in a way it’s true, because ego always thinks “what’s in it for me” and never thinks of other people in a loving way. It can make you think you do; for example when you are being generous.
If you are giving to some one with the ulterior motive of some day getting something back, or to manipulate someone to do something for you because of you being generous, then you know it’s from ego. And yes, it will convince you that it is only fair that you should get something back now that you have been so kind and giving. If not money, then at least recognition. Something that makes others look at us and admire us in some way. If we can’t see that coming, we simply don’t bother giving. Or we feel hurt by not getting the big thank you that we had expected.

When you can give to someone without even letting anyone know that it was you who gave, when you can give anonymously then it is from Spirit. When no one knows about your generosity but you and God; then the giving is from your heart. Living from Spirit means that we think of how we can contribute to the wellbeing of others, while doing things that makes us feel good as well. It’s a win-win way of living.
And even when we are publicly generous as many hugely successful and giving people are, like Oprah for example, we are doing it because we want to inspire others to be that way too. We want to empower, and let others know that they too can become great.

Ego means being afraid. Ego loves when we worry, doubt and complain- it thrives on it, and the more people that it can get together and join the complaining the better.

Ego lives life by only perceiving life through our five senses and totally ignores the sixth. It is a very shallow and superficial way of living, and very limiting. Ego thinks that life happens to them, while Spirit knows itself being the creator. Ego loves when you think you are a victim, while Spirit knows about the lesson in the challenge and grows from it.

Ego loves lower energies such as alcohol, drugs, gossiping, fear, struggle and striving and it can make you feel as if you need it by confusing you and making you tired of even trying to make positive changes.

These are a few examples. as I said; I will not give it too much attention.

What I want you to understand is that most people still view life from the ego-perspective only, but it is a choice we are making on a moment to moment basis; we are always at choice.
And to make the confusion become clarity we can look at all our overwhelming feelings we have put names on and just divide them into two categories; fear and love= ego or spirit. Feeling “bad” or feeling good. What do you prefer in this moment? How can you get yourself to feel better in this moment? Instead of asking “why am I feeling so bad?” ask yourself “How can I feel better?”. We always get answers to the questions we ask, so ask the ones that are empowering and constructive.

Unworthiness, insecurity, rage, anger, discouragement, worry, doubt etc are ALL based in one feeling only, and that is FEAR. So we can stop analyzing every emotion we have now and just put into the fear-shelf in our minds. (and then of course doing some inner work to dissolve them!)

Joy, appreciation, enthusiasm, optimism, passion, freedom, empowerment, happiness and eagerness are ALL feelings based in LOVE=Spirit.

Love is what we are, deep within, around and about while fear is the veil that keeps us from seeing and experiencing it.

I have had people say to me that “OK, so I should explain to my ego that I don’t want to listen to it anymore, then..?” and I say No.
No, no, no. Do not explain anything to the ego, not your own or any one else’s for that matter. What we need to do is to just take our attention and focus away from it by saying “I can chose love and peace over this” and then look for things to appreciate. Even in the midst of any challenge we always have something to feel grateful for. Gratitude is the strongest energy shifter there is and it is also egos biggest enemy. What if you actually appreciated and enjoyed life? “Whoa, we can’t let that happen” ego says and tries to bring you down a notch by making the voice of doubt and worry even louder; you know the inner talk we have with ourselves on a continuous basis? The voice that says you can’t do something..? You know which one I mean? Of course you do. We all have that on different levels depending on how far we have come in our remembering of who we really are. The more aware we become of the inner talk and how we talk to ourselves, the better we get in changing focus and we learn by our awareness how to make a better choice the next time. Life just gets better and better 😀

The inner talk must be changed to a positive and empowering one. The easiest way to do that is to turn our undivided attention on God/our higher self and keep it there at any cost.
We always have the choice between fear or love, worry or hope, anger or forgiveness, frustration or trusting that all is well, boredom or contentment— What we focus on expands.

We are a channel of powerful energy. Think of who we are. We are expressions of God!

AND we also have a free will, which means we have the free will to chose how we are going to channel the creative energy that we are. Through the ego or the Spirit.
Ego is not even real, it is only our mind-made thought about who we think we are, while Spirit is who we really are, and that is what our whole life is about; to again remember the greatness what and who we truly are. Remembering who we are requires us to have the willingness to go deeper within ourselves than where we are today, to go beyond the level of the unconscious and ignorant ego, in order to discover our inner being who is awaiting for us to wake up to it.

–We need to stop sleeping so we can wake up to our dreams! 😀

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    Again, many thanks for this reminder of letting go of ego and loving life!! Much Love!

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