How To Get a Vanity URL For Your Google Plus Profile (+ How To Add Pics and a Plusbar)

A vanity URL is not only for looks, but it’s great for SEO as well, as your name or brand will be attached to the URL.

This is how my Google+ link looks:

You can create a nice looking Google Plus URL here:

Here’s How to Add Images to Your Google Plus Profile:

Got to: profile > edit profile > Click on the box below your tag-line and add pics. When finished; click “done editing” 🙂

How to Add a Plusbar to Your Google Plus Profile:

You can get the Plusbar here:

(And if you’d like to remove the Plusbar later on, just delete it from your computers toolbar and it will be removed from your Google Plus)


~Enjoy, and hope I to see you in the Google Plus stream! 🙂

By the way ,.. if we aren’t yet connected on Google+:

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