Stay true to what vibes with you

What Vibes With You?

Harmonizing your life with the flow is not about ‘harmony’ as a concept, but what harmonizes with you individually.

What harmonizes with you might not be what harmonizes with me as we all are drawn to different things and prefer different things too.

Some may be happy with sleeping on a mattress on the floor for example, while I personally prefer sleeping in the best bed possible and with the best sheets and so on.

That harmonizes, or ‘vibes’ with me.

You can choose whatever you want, you can sleep on a mattress on the floor if you want to, I don’t care.

Whatever you fancy. 😊

Most people choose too little for themselves because they are constantly conditioning their desires.

For example, many “spiritual people” especially tend to not allow themselves to want or desire much at all.

They have a belief (they have conditioned themselves to believe) that ‘spiritual people should live simple, humble lives’ and that wanting is from the ego.

That only having ‘enough’ is noble or something, but it’s simply a spiritual belief. 

The belief that “spiritual people should live humble lives” is a belief that is rooted in ego consciousness.

It comes from a place of conditioned consciousness, but when you free yourself from that belief, you are free to explore and enjoy more of the riches in life.

Consciousness can move in any direction (your choice), and the less conditioned it is, the freer it moves and flows. 

All desires, preferences and dreams you have for your life are things that Life wants to do and experience through you.

Every single desire (that doesn’t harm anyone obviously) you have is meant to be realized, because it is the dream of Life to have them.

So they should not be disregarded or ignored (or made wrong) but seen as promises that are given the moment you dare to say what you really want.

That’s the moment it is given.

And all things that then begins to unfold from that moment, is the actualization of that promise.

So don’t condition your desires with beliefs.

Accept them unconditionally. 

You’re a unique being, honor that.

Not everybody wants the same things and experiences in life.

Stay true to what you vibe with, allow yourself to have the very best life you can possibly have, all according to your own preferences, standards and values.

You can have it; it’s part of you natural makeup, it’s all included in your flow, so allow yourself to have it.

Want what you want, unapologetically, and feel the liberation and happiness in that! 

vibes with you
Harmonizing your life with the flow is not about ‘harmony’ as a concept, but what harmonizes with you individually.


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