Vibrational alignment

How to find it, get to it, and stay there.

You find it by finding the feeling-place of how it would feel to have that which you want.
Alignment means “coming together with who you really are” and who you really are is God/source/spirit etc; a perfect, whole and totally supported being. Already worthy of all good.
What we need is to have faith in that. There can be no doubt within us that what we want, wants us, and that we are now drawn/attracted to each other.

To get that kind of faith and trust is every persons individual journey of course, but I promise you, the “Kingdom within” (where all the goodies are:-) is already waiting for us, has always been and will always be there for us. We find it by looking within, by meditating and by the willingness to be open to another way of living. When we consciously chose thoughts that feels a little bit better, a little bit better on a continuous basis, we will guide ourselves to a better-feeling place. Look for thoughts that brings relief, and then another one. You can also ask God to remind you of how much loved you are in times of fear or worry, and he will.

When we pray for more money to pay the bills with, we must trust that the prayer is answered even when the bills begins to come in. Even when we don’t see any evidence of it yet.
It means to be only having our attention on the things we want and not on the things that we get frustrated and fearful about. We have to make that choice over and over again until our mind is instilled on our new way of thinking. By deciding to trust ourselves/God.
Stretch your arms up to the universe and say out loud: “I am open and receptive to all good Now!”. And don’t go about your life looking over your shoulder to see if it’s there yet; God is never late, and when you can relax into that knowing; you will find peace.

How to get to it:

By feeling appreciation for everything! This is the only thing we need to know if we don’t want to meditate or pray as not everyone is into that. To feel appreciation.
When we appreciate, we are automatically in alignment with who we are. Appreciation and love is the same vibration, and we can get there by for example writing a list about all the things we are grateful for in our life, that will bring us into alignment very quickly, and that is also the way to stay there. Keep finding things to feel grateful about.

Feel gratitude for everything; for the money you already have, for your health, friends, pets, the weather, and even the things we think is negative. “All things work together for good”. Say that to yourself over and over again; it will help you to have and keep the faith when things seem out of control.

How to stay there:

Do everything you can to keep your energy vibration high; listen to uplifting music, read inspirational books, go for walks; anything that makes you feel good even if it’s not in context with the thing you want. Feeling good is what we all want, so look for things to feel good about and others things that make you feel good will be attracted to you.

In fact, the more you can just relax and get your focus away from your “problem” the faster the manifestation can happen. And of course affirmative prayer, affirmations, meditation and contemplation is a very good way to raise your vibration 🙂

To summon up:

-Focus only on what it is you want, not the opposite.
-Feel grateful for what you already have.
-Relax more. Don’t drive yourself to tears trying to “fix” something.
-Let go of attachments to the desired outcome;

Let go, and let God do his thing 😀

Sessions with me are a unique combination of intuitive guidance, energy healing and transformational coaching.

What energy healing can help you with:

  • Remove and clear away negative and toxic energy.
  • Cut the energetic cords to the past, people and things.
  • Remove dark and heavy energies that hold you back.
  • Lift away any burdens that are weighing you down.
  • Remove blockages and old, stagnant energy that keeps you stuck.
  • Release trauma and pain on whatever is going on in your life.

As you’re freed from the past/old and blockages are released and dissolved, you’re able to move forward in life with a new sense of aliveness, inner joy, peace and confidence.


Transformational coaching and energy healing

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  1. Stevie Ray Robison

    I just love the way you think, Maria, and your ability to communicate the way simply and clearly. Faith and trust and gratitude and focus and action, practiced with consistency and positivity, always create good things. Higher things. Godly things.

    Grateful for you. Grateful for this post.

    Many blessings,

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