Vivid Dreams After Healing Session

To have vivid dreams after a healing session is normal

It’s very common to have more dreams after have received healing and the dreams can be very vivid and full of meaning.

Most people feel very relaxed and peaceful afterwards and as the energy channels has opened up, new information can more easily come up to the surface.

Insights and new understanding that can help you move forward and upward in your life.

A lot of different shifts can happen; increased energy, sharper intuition, heightened awareness and so on.

Dreams are part of our inner world and they can bring important information to you from your subconscious mind.

The dreams after a healing session can be very vivid and beautiful so keep a journal and write them down and do some dream interpretation of them in order to understand them better.

Remember that dreams are personal so interpret them from an inner point-of-view because not all dreams point to the same thing for everyone.

Their meaning varies depending on your personal life and when you interpret them that way you’ll get a deeper understanding of your unique life situation and path.

Dreams are very personal

Dreams speaks to us symbolically so look at the symbols and signs in your dreams in a ‘personal’ way; how they relate to your waking life.

Memories can come up too and you can suddenly begin to have dreams about people from the past, maybe even from your early childhood.

This happens because the healing energies has opened you up more, it has opened the channels and you get a deeper access to your inner life.

Vivid dreams and old memories coming up etc are all indicators that subconscious material has been released and that your mind is beginning to process the stuff that comes up.

Sometimes people can experience a “healing crisis” too, and at those times the dreams and memories might not be pleasant, but there’s no need to fear.

It’s actually a good sign of healing and they will dissipate after a while.

The healing energy is doing its work in you so that you can release those old pains and energies for good.

And of course, the sooner you work them through, the faster the cleansing process goes.

Many things can happen after a healing session and to have vivid dreams is one of them.

You might also feel s a bit spacey and forgetful and clumsy (as the body and mind is adjusting), but also more spiritually connected.

Especially right after the healing and up to a week after before the energy shift has been integrated.

In any case, it’s important to drink plenty of water to help assist the energy shift that is happening. 

And if you have beautiful dreams, enjoy them, and also look more deeply into them even if they are pleasant because there’s always nuggets of insights to be found in them that will support your spiritual growth further.


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vivid dreams after reiki healing
Vivid dreams after a healing session is very common. 


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