Waking Up From Spirituality Itself

I’m turning the page..

I have just come back from a cat-sitting assignment up in the mountains where I had a few days of total seclusion, which I absolutely loved.

Well, I did see some people when I went to see the village of Sedella which was nice; I want to explore or at least see every place I visit because I may never come back there again.

Sedella is a very small Spanish village and very, very quiet.

I went to the grocery store there which must be the smallest store I have ever seen in my entire life, it was so cute 🙂

Anyways, ..

The interesting thing to me is that every place I visit, every pet and house sitting assignment I have, is always presenting to me new insights and new understandings as well as culminations, ending and new beginnings.

So was this one. 

And it was big because I left behind a huge chunk of who I used to be behind me.

I have been in this transitional phase for a while now and it has reached its culmination recently and the new beginning has started to open up in my life and with this of course all sorts of other changes come as well. 

For example; I have edited my Sessions and Teleclasses page a little bit – go and have a look.

Plus I have a new header on my website that represents a truer expression of who I am today and what I want to focus on in terms of my work (and life of course). 

Here’s the thing, and I have touched upon it before;

I have awakened from spirituality itself and I can’t relate to anything so called “spiritual” anymore.

Spirituality is a toy that I have outgrown and left behind, it’s no longer needed or interesting to me and so I’m turning the page to a new chapter in my life.

It was liberating (as I did this a few days ago) and I feel free.

The perfect and right time came for me to change direction in life and it’s really only about following my own flow that constantly calls for further development (expansion/unfolding) and growth, which I love.

Its not the first time it happens and it won’t be the last either since life is a never-ending transformational process for those who allow it to be that way and there’s always a process involved that requires the (complete, not partial) letting go of an old aspect of Self and Life (consciousness) before the new can come forth.

And since I have literally no spiritual beliefs anymore it’s just natural to move on, just like you move on, or grow up, from being a child to a teenager and then to an adult. 

From where I’m perceiving life today (as awakened) I know that the majority can’t relate to that just like I no longer can relate to what the past ‘me’ used to be about and be interested in.

With the exception of course that I do know how the old consciousness functions, but I can’t be in it anymore, or involved in it because I have grown away from it.  

So I’m just moving on, leaving the old behind, with all it contains.

The time has arrived for me to embrace new adventures in my life, new discoveries and realizations, and letting new interests and passions that has been ignited in me to take full expression in my life experience, and in this transition I know that some will come with me and some won’t, and that’s perfectly fine.

I will always be growing and expanding in consciousness and it’s part of (my) life to give myself permission to grow beyond what and who I used to be even if it means that some will not approve of it and maybe leave me.

If so, then it’s of no concern to me, it’s simply an acknowledgement and realization that ‘okay, then I wasn’t for that person or those people’.

Because I’m not for everybody. I can’t be defined and put into a box, ever, and my life is forever expanding, as is my Self always finding new ways of expressing itself.

I don’t know what tomorrow brings, I just know that I’m delighted and happy and that I’m exactly where the flow of my life has asked me to be! 🙂

So here I am. (♪ ♫ ♬ “.. Will you still love me tomoooorrow..?” ♪ ♫ ♬)

catsitting spain

Ohm to that. 🙂


I still offer Skype/phone sessions as well as private meetings but there’s a few changes that I have made that are more in alignment with my personality. (I wrote more about that in this post).

The journey continues ..

.. As it always does for the brave ones that chooses to follow their own flow! 🙂

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