Website Stuff and Other Stuff..

Just a little update regarding my website and everything around it and my writings and work etc! 🙂

There’s a few of my most previous articles (from when I was in north India in particular and was without laptop) that I have not had time to edit and correct spelling on but today when I was about to begin doing that I just felt that I’m just going skip that after all.

I’m sure there aren’t really that many typos and if there are it’s only a few and it’s a tedious work to begin correcting every little thing now that I’m having challenges with Internet speed and connection plus the fact that I’m traveling etc.

I rather just continue writing and sharing from this wonderful flow I’m in right now without looking back.

I have my own laptop now so it’s all good, I don’t feel the need to go back and redo stuff, so let’s just leave it shall we?

You agree? Good 🙂

Juliette Lewis Quote
I rather just continue writing and being in this wonderful flow with you than begin the work of correcting the spelling on a few posts.

Next up, ..

Regarding my Teleclasses;

I’m happy to start doing them again but will not call them “classes” as there’s really not much to learn (as in ‘knowledge’) when it comes to spiritual awakening, but let’s just call them “live calls” or “online spiritual meetings” or something. 

Let me know if this resonates with you (email me or comment below) and we’ll take it from there.

Maybe we could meet on Google talk or Skype or something like that (depending on how many would like to attend).

It has to be financially sustainable for me so I need at least 4-6 people (paying subscribers) on each call/meeting, that’s a minimum.  

More stuff, ..

I also took a look at my other website today ( and thought to myself “No, I’m not going to re-create this while I’m in India. It’s too much work”.

Again it comes down to me wanting to be in the flow that I’m in right now where I share and write from the present moment so I don’t feel like starting to build that website up again because that would mean I would have to take my focus away from my connection with you that I have going on.

I don’t want to do that, I feel the website can wait so I just leave it as it is.

The most important things are there (=links to my free postings and articles) so it’s not necessary for me to do anything about the look and design etc of it at the moment.

It’s fine as it is for the moment, don’t you agree? Cool. 🙂

Lastly, ..

What I do need to do is to update my about page (my bio is really old and should have been updated ages ago for example), my blurbs, my authors box, my tabs/pages, and my info on my (main) social media profiles etc.

That is important since they feel very old and ‘not me’ anymore as much as they used to do.

Just a little freshening up of it all, a little bit of tweaking of words here and there would be enough at least for now while I’m traveling.

An updated version of the description of this ‘me’ that I am in my human costume and also because I believe it still says I’m in Spain on many of my profiles etc, and not India.

And I would need to have a new website header too.. but that has to wait, it’s more of a creative endeavour where I would be more focused on solitude type of work (which I also love and thrive in but the time is not right for that now) and not you.

Plus I also have to do some tweaking and work with my website as well (technical stuff). 

So this update stuff is something I need to do and will begin doing little by little directly after my collaboration that I have next week with the Yoga retreat I’m going to. 

Hmm, .. what else is there? 

Ah, yes.

Not sure if I mentioned this in an email to my mailing list or if I mentioned it here on my site so I’ll say it again.

I have recently done some changes to my email account so if you could do me a favor and just check that there’s no emails from me in your spam folder then that would be great.

And if there are then white-list me and we’re all set and you won’t miss any of my emails to you.

I’m saying this because I have noticed lately that I’m not getting replies from all of you with whom I’m replying to, so I just want to make sure everything works correctly.

Okay, .. so that’s it for now! 🙂

Have a great rest of the day and chat soon again,

All the best, always, 


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