What are you inviting into your life right Now?

Whatever we look at, we invite into our life.
Whatever we speak about we are inviting into our life.
Whatever we think about, we are inviting into our life.
Whatever we expect to happen, we invite into our life.
Whatever we are doing right now, we invite more of the same into our life.
Whatever we believe is true, we invite into our life as Truth.
Whatever you hold in your imagination, we invite it into our life.
Whatever we remember from the past, we are inviting into our life again.
Whatever we are focusing on, we invite into our life.

Whatever that “whatever” is, if it makes us feel good and contributes to the over all wellbeing of the whole, then it is good, and if it makes us feel not so good, then it’s off our true path.
A very simple formula for a fulfilling way to live.

–What are inviting into your life right Now?

If we look at war, we can invite Peace by looking at the peace that already surrounds us and it will grow.
If we speak about others in a negative way, we can chose to look beyond the person and see their soul, and that we can always love even if we don’t like the person. We can chose to be quiet instead of gossiping.
If we think fearful thoughts of not having been able to find a job, we can think of the joy and freedom it brings when we do. We can think thoughts of support and help, rather than lack and worry.
If we expect to find our right place in life, we will find/attract it.
If we are doing something right now that we are not proud of, we should stop doing that. We can chose to do something different.
If we believe we are not worthy of the goodness of the universe, then that is what we will experience. If we believe it to be true that God wants us to be happy and free, then that is what is true for us, and it will be.
If we keep imagining a wonderful event take place in our mind, it will come to pass in the physical realm.
If we are holding grudges and resentment of past events alive in our mind, then we shouldn’t ask why we keep attracting the same old energy into our life over and over again. It is obvious why. Let them go and think of all the loveliness that awaits you instead.
If we focus on how hard it is to make a living, we are ignoring that life is really about making a life, not a living. If we focus on what makes us happy and how we can share the joy with others, then that is what we invite more of into our life.
–From that point on, life will take over and it will live You, to your great delight! 🙂

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  1. Angela Johnson

    This letter really hit home. Thank you for sharing it with me. Sincerely Angela Johnson

  2. Lana Leazer

    Thank you Maria..I really enjoyed this reminder..So many people fail to realize how much their energy or who they are matters and how they have the power to create their life..this reminds me of not only looking at what is around us, but also to manifest what we WANT to be around us..love this..Thanks!!

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