What Atheist Means (I don’t need to be saved)

I want to clarify (again) where I stand so that those of you who believe in God know exactly what I mean when I say I’m an atheist.

An atheist is not a person who is disappointed at God, or angry at God or anything like that.

An atheist is simply a person who lacks belief in the existence of God or gods.

An agnostic is someone who don’t know if there is a God (but doubts it) and a believer is someone who believes in a God or higher power whether it’s a religious God or some other deity. (Being “spiritual but not religious”).

An atheist is not someone who worships satan or has converted to the ‘dark side’ or whatever. (Satan is also just a fable in the mind: non existent).

And it’s not about being ‘against God’, because there is no God to be against!

Again; an atheist is someone who doesn’t believe in any higher powers. 

So to make it clear once again; I don’t need to be saved so please use your time to do constructive things instead of praying for me or sending me emails where you write LIKE THIS ABOUT YOUR SAVIOUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. (Why do some religious people write like that? I don’t know).

There’s nothing in me that is the slightest interested, and even if you mean well (some come from a caring place too, even though I can detect some anger in them) please don’t send me any worship-songs or links to websites where they write about the LORD testing you and that you should “wait on Him” etc in an attempt to convert me or something.

God to me really is as non-existent as Santa Claus, it wasn’t just something I said to sound funny or something, I really see it that way.

If I had been unsure I would have gone with calling myself agnostic instead, because believe me, it’s not lucrative at all to be a spiritual counselor and an atheist so why would anyone chose to be open about something like that if it wasn’t really how someone sees things?

99% of all people who call themselves spiritual believes in God or a higher power but I have to stay true to myself and keep my integrity intact even if that means I have to look for another career and work.

I could never go on pretending to believe in a God just so that I could make money, but with that said I know there are ministers especially in the States that still preach every Sunday even if they have woken up from the belief in God – and it’s very painful for them, but they have families to support and so on and will have to secretly look for other work while they keep doing what they have maybe done for many decades of their lives.

It’s not easy for them, but a realization is a realization and change is inevitable and will come sooner or later. Think about that – the agony and pain they must feel, to risk losing their whole life and friends and everything. 

It’s not like you can suddenly decide to believe again, because once you have seen the truth you can’t go back, it’s irreversible.

You can’t go back to believing in Santa either no matter how hard you would try or want to.

And it’s completely irrelevant because seeing Truth is the most liberating thing there is so the want or need to go back is not there at all. 

Another reality for those people is that they will probably be excommunicated when the truth comes out and maybe even lose their friends and families.

This happens both in the religious arena but also in the mainstream spiritual arena because most people think that someone who doesn’t believe in God can’t be that “spiritual” after all and that is a criteria they have so they leave you.

It’s ridiculous, but that’s the reality of it (and I was very aware of that before I made my announcement so it wasn’t a shock to me that some chose to leave) and I know that people who resonate with me as I have grown to be today will find me and I them, so a new path opens up once the old has been let go of. 

To me that was the only option. I had to tell it like it is.

It wasn’t a difficult decision, it was an obvious one but one that I knew would change things. 

And it wasn’t like I wasn’t happy before when I believed in God (just read my older articles where I have written about the love I had for God!) but once a delusion is seen through you realize that it was only a belief and not true at all and that liberates you. 

All beliefs are false and all beliefs limit you and keeps you in bondage but we don’t see that until we have woken up from them, and that includes the concept of Gods and higher powers etc.

For someone to be condescending towards me saying things like “all I can do for you now sweetheart is to pray for you” is just ridiculous and have no use whatsoever because there is no God. Period. 

God is all in your mind, created by the brain, just like Santa once was – and then you woke up from that.

But if you want to sit around talking to yourself about me then knock yourself out, have fun! But it really makes no difference whatsoever. 

I’m not exaggerating when I say that waking up from the concept of God has been one of the most liberating and wonderful things that has ever happened in my life.

It really is. What has been seems like a dream almost that I have woken up from, and it’s awesome.

Some people has written me and are concerned that my blog “will lead others astray from LORD JESUS” and I don’t even know what to say.

First of all I have never been a Jesus freak to begin with and my (true) readers who know me knows that my writings are pointers and that I’m all about direct personal experience and not taking other peoples words as The Truth.

I have always pointed people towards themselves where the truth is and it can’t be found (or realized) by believing in what other people say or write.

You have to actually look within for yourself and then the discovery will be made. 

Others write and ask me if I think I’m God.

I know I am the universe and the universe has no creator, that’s what I know. There is only life and I am that, that’s my perspective.

If I would have been unsure about whether or not there’s a God or creator of some sort then I would have chosen to call myself an agnostic, but I’m not the slightest unsure of my realization and that’s why I felt the need to be clear about that.

I felt the need to let my readers know about my awakening because I obviously can’t either write about any God or higher power anymore nor speak to people as if there was one so there you have it. That’s really all there is to it.

No need to save me – I’m perfectly fine. I’m doing really great actually – I have never been freer in my entire life. 


Time to start feeding the birds!:)

Don’t pray about it but actually do something constructive that is helpful.

This goes for other people as well as animals – As there’s no God we’re here to look after each other and not put that assignment in some imaginary God’s hands that doesn’t even exist.

Have you woken up from the belief in God too?

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  1. Maria,

    I had my Truth Realization last month after two agonising years of search. It was a maddenning, all consuming battle to find out the Truth of this Reality, to SEE things for what they truly are. I started as an atheist, progressed to agnostic to some spiritual/God mambo jumbo, entered a self enquiry stage after the nicey nicey spiritual teachings annoyed the hell out of me.. some tantrums on the way and at times not wanting to live, as I didn’t seem to be able to cross the treshold.. and at some point.. voila! arrived to a NO GOD again, except with Clarity and my eyes now fully open.

    It was a very quiet moment, and it changed nothing, and changed absolutely everything. It felt like the Mind opened up suddenly.

    I can absolutely relate to what you’ve written, it’s true and real, and if people desire a crutch to help them through Life – we just let them be. Beliefs hold us back, like canned sardines packed into a herd with those who feed us untruths from the cradle to the grave. Very few are brave enough to QUESTION.

    Thank you for your honesty. Oh, I once sent an e-mail to you, and you replied, but I was in the middle of this crisis, on the precipice of the Brave New World.. so intense I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. My apologies.

    Much love to you,


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