What Good Has Worrying Ever Done For You?

Instead of getting all entangled in worrying, see it as the perfect opportunity for you to observe your ego-mind, how it’s always ‘not here’, but in the future or past.

Either it’s wallowing in guilt or resentment about some past events or worrying about an imagined future which may or may not happen.

So stop worrying about it. Really. 

You can’t know what will happen.

Look at any (mentally created) fear honestly by asking yourself how has it ever been helpful to you and you will see through its falseness.

Worrying is a complete waste of time and energy

You don’t know what will happen, actually you literally have no idea what and how things will unfold, none of us know (ever).

All we can ‘know’ is what is Right Now.

The one who is worried is not ‘you’, it’s your ego.

And if you become aware of ‘why’ there’s worry, you can probably detect that there’s some kind of proceeding change coming up in your life.

Something that disrupts the status quo, because the ego doesn’t like change, it likes to stay in the familiar, in what feels safe and secure.

While at the same time it wants and craves change it also resists it.

Weird little creature huh? 🙂 It’s funny that way.

It doesn’t even have to be about physical change (events and happenings in your life).

It can be about thinking differently (transformation of consciousness); literally ANY change is scary for the ego.

Spirit is not afraid – it wants to expand

I suggest that if you feel worry right now, for anything at all; do your very best to become aware of how your mind always wanders from this present moment.

Realize that whatever the mind comes up with you don’t have to believe.

Those are all merely thoughts and has no validity in your present life experience unless you choose to believe them.

Thoughts and feelings are intertwined so whatever thoughts you have you also have an emotional response to them, but Reality remains untouched and unruffled by your inner drama.

Touch something (physically right now) and say to yourself “this is what is right now” and stay with it for a moment.

Stay with it and look around you and say “this is what is. There’s nothing else going on but this, this moment right now”.

Do this until you sense a detachment to your thinking mind (it feels like a relief).

By doing this you will help your mind and body to relax into this present moment and thus drop the mind-made stories it’s making up (all happening in your imagination).

There really are better ways to use your imagination, wouldn’t you agree? 

The present moment is all we have, and when you get worried or fearful you’ve become lost (in your mind)—and it’s all happening in the movement of thought!

Fear and worry is just a thought (it’s j u s t a thought, really see this) and when you see this and bring your awareness to this very moment, there is peace.

What good has worry done for you?
What good has worry ever done for you? Honestly. Can you tell me exactly how was it helpful?
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