What If Life Is Nothing But A Play Of God?

What if it’s not going anywhere at all, what if there is no meaning or purpose to it whatsoever than for the mere play of God?

What if Life is playful, what if it is like music where the journey is the goal, where the moment is the enjoyment and not the last note, how would it be to look at life that way?

What if all we ever heard was the end note, or what if all we ever did was to strive to get there; how fun would that be?

The point of dancing is to dance. The point is in the flow, not in the end of the song and movement.

We miss life that way; if we only live for the sake of a means to an end. If we only work so that we can save for our retirement thinking we will be able to enjoy life then, some day in the future.

We cheat ourselves that way.

Instead of living frustrated lives, always in the hurry of becoming someone, or getting somewhere, what if we just enjoyed the song and danced to it?

What if life is not that serious we make into being?

It could very well all be a play. Consider it.

Watch Life.

We don’t need to hurry a plant to grow by pulling it upward thinking we ‘help’ it on its way somewhere.

It’s already perfect and the becoming of a plant is the goal itself; the seed is already perfect in its seed-ness.

The apple-seed is just as perfect as the apple-tree.

It doesn’t need to add anything to itself, it doesn’t get frustrated thinking it has to grow faster so that it can become a tree.

We think we are time-bound, but what if that’s not true at all?

Are we ever concerned about time when we laugh, dance or enjoy ourselves? No, we just enjoy ourselves. Time ceases to be in those moment.

Life has it’s own rhythm to everything; summer follows by fall, after fall is the winter and so on; none of the seasons are incomplete in themselves. They are perfect.

We think we can control the natural rhythm of life and thus we become frustrated.

We think we help ourselves when we push and struggle, we think there’s some kind of virtue in always being on our way to something.

We totally cheat ourselves that way.

Life is Now.

And it goes in rhythms within us as well. We sometimes experience cold winters inside and they are followed by cheerful springs, but we condemn them in one way or another with our opinions and stories about everything.

We make it all so serious.

Yes, there are times when withdrawal is appropriate, and there’s times when action is appropriate, but we are not doing any of it, Life is doing it’s thing through and as us, we don’t need to help it along by striving.

The meaning of Life/God according to the Hindu’s goes something like “God has manifested the world because of Lila ” and Lila means ‘play’, or ‘creative play by the divine absolute’ in Sanskrit.

In Hebrew Scriptures or the old testament in proverbs there’s a script by the divine wisdom (Sophia) that describes the function of the divine wisdom in the creation of the world is ‘producing men, animals and all creatures of the world as wisdom is playing, being a delight to play before the presence of God’.

Scriptures also say that ‘the Lord created for his pleasure’.

We don’t have to push life around trying to dominate it and control it.

What if we could just join the play, and experience life as it is right now (in whatever season we find ourselves in), without even for a second imposing any other meaning to it than the enjoyment of what is, right now?

Letting God express itself and experience itself through us, as us, dancing and singing in the perfect rhythm that it has where we just come along by joining in on the flow.

We can think we know the purpose of Life and existence, but it’s still a mystery 🙂

Just consider it, feel into it, and see what it invokes within you.

“… Jesus Was Also in the Wilderness (The devil being the ego), and much of the same happened to Buddha, when Mara (the demon=the ego) came and tempted him…” : http://mariaerving.com/challenges-on-the-spiritual-path/ (PART 1 of 2)

“… The loss of control is the last thing the ego wants, because that is equal to its own death (Ego death). In this process follows times of severe feelings of victim-hood, self-pity and doubt, rage and spiritual temper tantrums. Deep unspeakable sorrow and grief,.. times when it seems like God has turned his back on you, and in these times there’s a lot of tears, anger and frustration that can’t even be described in words. Very, very dark place to be in. But through it we have to go.

All this leads to patience, we become humble, we wait (learn how to be in the now moment), we listen, we stop all demands, and our faith and trust grows.

We are finally ready to surrender to Gods will.

Here’s where temptations of the world comes in big time; when we have surrendered and we feel closer to God than ever…” : http://mariaerving.com/challenges-on-the-spiritual-path-2/ (PART 2 of 2)

“… What we need to do unfolds before us – not by our planning and plotting, but from listening and responding to the current movement of life as it unfolds right now…” : http://mariaerving.com/if-you-want-to-make-god-laugh-tell-him-your-plans/

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