What Is Love? (Ask Maria)

Is there really such a thing as unconditional love? Is it attainable?

What really is love? I can care deeply. But is that really love?

If I add my life experiences, my hurts, rejections, childhood experiences, the meaning becomes convoluted.



Thank you for your question!

I believe that whatever definition each and everyone have about love, that’s what it is for them.

People who have really dense ego’s for example see love in a different way than people who are self-realized, and in between those ‘stages’ of evolution and awakening there’s a million different definitions of it. 

We all have different ideas/thoughts about it depending on so many different things like upbringing, experiences, how liberated we are spiritually, or how stuck in ego we are and so on, so love can be all kinds of things to different people. 

And not only that, but we love others differently too.

We love our children differently from how we love our parents or siblings.

We love our friends differently from how we love our pets and so on.

Our own individual growth and development has a lot to say obviously. 

I think you just have to find your own definition by asking yourself questions like;

“What is love?”

“What does it mean to love someone?”

“What does it mean to be loved?”

Other people can say all kinds of things, like “we are love” and so on, but as long as it’s on a conceptual level it means nothing.

We are not only love, we have all aspects of being and consciousness within us, not only the lovey dovey stuff that spiritual circles are so fond of.  

Love needs to be defined and experienced by each individual on the level they’re on with total honesty and only then is there a real chance for that person to see through their own shallowness.

Next time someone says goofy things like that “you are love” etc, ask them this simple question: “How do you know that?” and pay attention to the expression in their face.

It will reveal a lot. 

Unconditional Love

I would say that that’s love without conditions (obviously!:).

You just love and that’s it, and that’s huge, not many people can do this, but dogs can!

They just love you no matter what and they are quickly to forgive 😀 

Is unconditional love attainable? Does it exist?


I love Truth and throughout my whole process of awakening I always said that I rather die than live a life that is not of Truth.

And I meant it 100%.

I still have that love and it’s unconditional; there’s nothing I would not do for it.

Whatever it wants from me I’m all in, there’s simply no other way for me to live:

To be true to Truth and see where it takes me. 

I don’t know if I could ever love another human being with the same intensity though, I think this love is beyond what human beings can share, but I could be wrong.

It is yet to be seen 🙂 

Hope this was helpful to you somehow.

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