What To Do When Waiting On God

Something is always brewing, we’re always in a process of moving forward with our dreams, desires and plans (even when it seems we’re not), but sometimes we get in our own way by stubbornly trying to make things happen when only God can make them happen.

As human beings we are not always ready for something when we think we are, and sometimes we need to grow first, to develop or learn something, like for example trust and patience.

That’s why I always mention the importance of asking for wisdom and understanding when we pray.

We have to grow so that we can come to a place of ‘perfect patience, wanting nothing’ and that can only come about by a constant communion with God, when we let God lead and direct our ways.

When we get to the realization and acceptance that his ways are higher than ours and so on, then we can come to a place where we can enjoy ourselves while we grow into our vision or dream, even at times when things don’t seem to move at all.

Side note: I’m going to write about God as ‘he’ from now on, it just gets tiring to always write or say he/she/it etc; you all know by now I’m not religious and that I don’t see God as some male figure up in the skies. It’s just easier to call God ‘him’. I explained it all in this post: mariaerving.com/what-is-your-stance-on-god

Back to the article;

So, if we don’t get ourselves to a place of enjoyment while we wait so to speak, we are always mentally somewhere else, looking for something else, like solutions etc.

Solutions to things that we can’t solve in the first place!

How many of you have a ‘problem’ right now, or something that you have been waiting for for ages to manifest, a dream that you have done all you can to try to make happen?

If you’re one of them, the today’s message is:

Stop trying to figure it out, because you can’t!

Just look at how successful you have been so far. That should tell you something.

Let go and let God be God in your life; let God do his perfect work in your life.

And when you do, learn to rejoice while you wait on him.

Realize this:

Trying to make it happen makes it not happening.

That’s what stops it from happening, your continuous, stubborn attempts to try to make it happen.

Take that in, take it to heart, because it’s the truth. And believe me, we have all been there, it’s not just you.

Look; are you feeling frustrated? Are your prayers anything like this:

“What’s going on God, I don’t understand? Why is this happening, or why is nothing happening? What am I doing wrong here, what am I not getting, am I missing something here? I have done everything you asked me to do God, why doesn’t it work? What else do you want me to do, what more can I possibly do? What’s going on God?”

Recognize yourself?

And how about this;

Have you ever tried to not try anymore..?

Trying not to try but feeling frustrated for it, or resentful towards an imaginary God thinking he is hindering your progress is not the answer.

God is not hindering any of us, he wants us to have fulfilling lives, and you can’t fool God by trying to let go or trying to not care anymore and so on; we really have to come to place of genuine surrender (letting go and letting God be God) and to a place of trust, and with that trust comes joy.

It comes naturally with genuine trust, so when you’re rejoicing in God’s perfect plan to work in your life, that’s when things can begin to move forward for you.

Joy is the finisher of the course.

That’s the in-between time between intention/vision/dream and the manifestation of it: it’s the time when we’re suppose to be abiding in joy, in expectancy and joy.

This comes when you realize that only God can make it happen, not you.

So stay out of your own way! 

And this is not about being passive; this is important.

This is not when you’re just slacking off, where you kind of just sit back, waiting, doing nothing.

No, this is where you prepare, where you continue praying and asking within, because your’re not really ‘waiting’, but your in the process of receiving.

Feel the difference between waiting for something and knowing it’s on its way.

So yes, do take a break, a vacation if you will from all the doing and trying and hand it all over to God, but there are things that you should do while being in that space of waiting.

What To Do While Waiting On God?

This is how it goes; while God works in the world, or the physical, you work in the spirit.

That means you let God do everything ‘out there’ and you attend to what’s going on on the inside.

Here are five things that you’re suppose to do:

(1.) You pray, you meditate. You seek the kingdom of God within first and always.

(2.) You study, you gain wisdom and understanding and you get revelations and insights from what you learn and study.

(3.) You keep your attitude right; you keep your words and speaking in alignment with what God says and what God says you are. (This means no complaining and no self-pity).

(4.) You praise God; meaning you stay in expectant joy, you rejoice in the perfect work that God is doing in your life and affairs right now. You give thanks to God. Not because you ‘have to’, but because when you’re in a place of genuine faith you can’t but be joyful.

And lastly;

(5.) You stay busy helping others that needs a breakthrough with something in their life. (It can be about anything.)

That’s is how you get your own breakthrough. 

Ask yourself: how can I be blessing to someone today?

Because while you can’t help yourself, you can always help someone else.

Let go – Lean on God, trust him, because God can do what we cannot.

Let go of your stubbornness – learn humility.

God gives us every desire that is in alignment with his will (and it’s all good, there is nothing negative or bad about God), but here’s the things; he won’t give it to us the way we want to get it.

So right now I invite you to say out loud, with sincerity, if you’re ready to let God take over;

“God, I surrender my ways. Your will be done; your way, your timing. Thank you God for showing me how to do this, I feel peace and that’s how I know this is from you. I trust you. Please just take over everything, it’s all yours. I don’t have a care in the world, you have them all. Thank you.”

How does that feel? Liberating?

This is what leads to joy, even tears of joy.

It’s when we let go of striving and trying to figure out how things will happen, or trying to make things happen in ways that we think they should happen, when we let go of all that, that’s when things can begin to unfold the way they are suppose to happen.

John 10:10 says:

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

Don’t let your impatient ego steal your joy and peace, don’t let it kill your dream or destroy this present moment.

Let go and be here now.

Remember, the ego always lives in the past or the future, it believes that “I can only be happy when I have success in my business, when I get a different job, when I get promoted, when my partner changes, when I get this and when I get that”.

Life is now. Don’t let the ego steal your joy.

As we grow in humility and when we come to submit to God’s ways, there’s joy, and it comes with the packages so to speak when we follow the five guidelines I just mentioned earlier.

We are meant to rejoice in the meantime while God is doing what only he can do.

We are meant to enjoy life, not only when we get the things or desires of our hearts met, but while we grow, while we progress, while we wait.

We’re not suppose to pray over the same things over and over again, nagging God, pushing and striving, trying to get it our way; no, we’re suppose to abide in trust.

I just made a 60 minute Teleclass about faith where I address these kinds of things, what true faith is and how to apply it in our lives: mariaerving.com/teleclasses

Trust releases joy and allows us to enjoy the present moment.

Again; rejoice! and use your time wisely; trust God’s power and intelligence.

Remember that everything that God has assigned us to do (our dreams/vision/desires) he also gives us the ability to do, but we all come to the point in our process where we have to let go and let God do the rest.

It’s crucial to surrender to that part.

Not by being passive, but by letting God do the work in the physical while we attend to the spiritual.

God is the doer, and it’s not about trying to make him do what you want him to do, but it’s to submit to his ways of doing things.

Wait for him expectantly.

When something amazing is going to happen in your life, something really good, then how could you possibly be passive about it, or joyless, thinking “oh, well, we’ll see”?

No. That’s not the right attitude!

But to think that today can be the day!

That’s the right attitude we should all have, because we know without a shadow of a doubt that God is good and that he wants us to enjoy life, and enjoy it to the fullest. (“…and have it abundantly.”)

We can be excited about that today!

Here’s what I invite you to do right now:

Pray about your situation, talk to God about it and hand over your cares and concerns to him in prayer.

And when you’re done (you can even write your prayer down on paper) then draw a line across the floor (or if your outside in the nature then actually draw a line in the sand or whatever it is) and say:

“This is the line of faith. As I step over it, I trustingly and knowingly let go of my prayer and my concerns; I give it wholeheartedly over to God who can handle it all. As I step over this line of faith I’m never going back. I never go back to try to solve it in my own ways. I let go completely as I step over the line. I do it now, and as far as I’m concerned, it is done. You have it all now, God. It’s in your hands now. And so it is, and I let it be so. Amen.”

And when/if doubt or worry etc comes up at some later point then you just keep referring to the moment when you stepped over the line of faith and that will help you stay in a place of trust.

And now, for the rest of the day (and until God directs you to the next step – which is not for you to figure out!) REJOICE!

Rejoice, rejoice, and rejoice some more! 😀

Wait for God in joy and gratitude.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Balcon de Europa in Nerja

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