What will they think of me?

Have you any idea how common it is for people to think about what others think of them?

To be concerned about what others might have thought of them yesterday when they said something that wasn’t what everyone else thought?

And if they really could do this thing they really feel passionate about- what if people laugh at them, or thought they were.. well, different?

The truth is that many do think these thoughts, while thinking they are the only ones who thinks them…

People are more hang up on what others think of them, and haven’t even had time to be worried about what you said at all.

The next time you find yourself consumed by thoughts like this; turn it all around and look at the other person as a person who has the very same concerns that you have. How could you give the other some comfort?

What would you say to yourself if it was you, (which it is on a deeper level), that wondered if you had said something “stupid”or “wrong”?

What would happen if you turned your attention away from your little self and put it instead on the other person and his/hers well-being? And what if that other person did the same to you and thought of you first..?

Well, things would be very different between us humans.

Now comes the next step, and it sometimes make people again think “What will they think of me if I said this or that to or about this person?”

It has to change; the fact that it is easier to talk negatively behind someones back, than it is to openly say something positive to someone.

To give someone appreciation for no reason at all, a compliment or a word of encouragement can really scare people, and sometimes you might even get a strange look from someone if you do this openly, especially if you don’t have any “reason” for being supportive and “nice”.

If we only knew how much it can mean to some one else to hear that we matter, or that which we do is appreciated.

Yesterday I listened to a seminar online and I don’t remember which brand or company it was, but it is a famous hair saloon.

Anyway; the story was that he, the owner, had had a costumer who wanted a nice hairdo because she were going away later that evening, so while making her look more beautiful he also said many times that she is beautiful and so on; he gave her compliments and made her feel important.

I don’t remember the whole story, but the core message was, that the woman had planned to kill herself that evening, and went to the hair dresser to make herself beautiful before she killed herself, but that while being there she changed her mind because of this hair dresser who made her feel beautiful and important.

From that moment on; the hair dresser has trained all his employees to ask within themselves “how can I make your day better?” or something like that to all of their costumers.

I thought it was a wonderful story.

Think about the effect a kind word can have! Let us be brave and give compliments and encouragement regardless of what others might think of us.

I have had times in my life when I have asked myself if what I do really has any meaning at all, times when I have felt discouragement, when suddenly I get an email from someone who has been touched by my words, or someone says to me that what I have done for them has helped them to see things differently and therefor helped them to take a step in the right direction.

That has been the sign I needed form God to continue what I do regardless of how things have seemed to evolve.

Today; do something similar for at least three people in your life.

Tell them that they matter, tell them that you appreciate what they have done for you.

Make them feel important. Or just smile to someone on the street and say “hello”.

What I have done for years now is that I send a silent blessing to people I meet or see.

When I walk by them, I say “God bless you” in my mind to them, I say “may your day be blessed with joy”, “may you always be protected by the Angels” and so on.

I do this everyday; it has become a habit, and sometimes I can feel and see they knew something happened, I can see in their eyes that they on some level “heard” and received the blessing. I can feel love flowing between us, even if we have never seen each other before.

What if we all did that? Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

It can be done, and it’s easy; because it all begins with You.

Will you do it?


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