What’s Your Mission Statement?

Get your mission statement in order and you will always stay focused and it will help you stay on course and help you live your greatest life, because you are living it in alignment with your inner most important values and purpose.

It will be your guiding light in all your day-to-day decisions.

A mission statement can be for your personal life, career or anything that is important to you and it should be a short statement, and it should be memorized and even carried with one to remind ourselves of where we are going and why.

A mission statement is a short statement about what your life is about, your core values, and who you want to be in the world.

It requires that you sit down and write about your:

Vision= Your What; what you see as possible for yourself and the world.

Purpose= Your Why; why you are here, how you are going to be.

Mission=The How; what specific actions are you going to do, what your goals are. What you are here to do.

It may take some time to go through everything in order to become clear, but it’s worth it many times over.

I really recommend that if you haven’t yet; take some time now and write your mission statement and then go about your life following it.

Let it direct you and guide you in all you do.

And of course, you don’t follow this rigidly for the rest of your life as your circumstances will change over the years.

Your priorities will change, and your goals and dreams will change. And that’s awesome – because change means growth.

As you grow, transform, and broaden your horizons, allow yourself the freedom to expand and refine your mission statement.

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