Where my writings come from

I received a very nice email from someone that follows my blog and she asked me some questions about my writings so I was inspired to write this article in reply.

My writing is authentic, I write about my own actual life experiences and processes as well as my observations of others and the world around me, and everything else in between.

My writings are inspired and yes, I can be blunt and direct, I can have opinions about things (knowing opinions are simply opinions and not truths), I don’t put up a show for others pretending to be holy and saintly and loving to all at all times, so I’m not the stereotypical “spiritual person”.

I don’t share what I share in order to change anybody, I don’t even care if people change or not, that’s not why I do what I do.

Why do I share what I share then?

This is what seems to be coming out of me at this point in my life and I have always enjoyed writing so it’s natural to me.

Sometimes what I write surprises me as well, so to me it’s clear that I’m an instrument that God uses, and that’s what we all are, it’s not something I consider to be special, but actually completely natural and obvious.

I get great inspiration from the things that causes friction in me and the things that irritates me.

But I never stay in any feeling for very long, I’m not a dweller at all.

It’s part of my personality to be direct.

I may come across as being more funny and humorous in ‘real life’, or in person (I do laugh a lot:), as my writings are really only a small and maybe very focused part of the whole of my human-ness, it’s very pointed in one direction, but of course there’s a whole lot more to me than what is expressed here on my website.

Sometimes my writings comes from something I feel is in the air for many, I can sense a pattern, or theme, and then I write about that.

For example, the emails that I send out to my mailing list usually always comes from me asking God what to write to my list.

I consult with God, I sit down and meditate and ask things like “what do you want me to write about today?” then suddenly it comes to me and I go to my computer and write it out. (And very often do I get emails back from people saying “that was exactly what I needed to hear, thank you”).

I’m inspired by events, things I see, my own experiences, things that people ask me (sometimes there’s a theme as I wrote earlier, something that comes up more than ones that gets my attention), there’s so many things as Life itself is the source of inspiration for me.

And if I’m not inspired I can’t write, even if “I” want to. It doesn’t work that way.

All the intense human experiences of fear and bliss, no fear and complete peace, feelings of being kept safe and protected, the processes of spiritual awakening where one goes from one extreme to another (the spiritual path is full of paradoxes!) the exalted, jumping-out-of-pure joy-moments and crying out of gratitude because of the love for God, all the way down to deep despair and self pity; yes, they are all authentic experiences that I either have had in the past or are still experiencing. (Life is very different now though and I no longer feel despair etc). 

And I’m grateful.

I can understand other people and have compassion for them and what they go through thanks to my own experiences; I can encourage and guide them, and I know that what I write about and share ‘works’, it’s not some fancy things I thought sounded clever and then I wanted to share.

It’s all real, and it can only be that way if they are lived through.

Sometimes what I write about comes from my meditations and many times when I’m out walking I get ideas and insights, and many, many times they come at night and demands to be written.

I can’t help but giggle when that happens because it’s impossible to ignore, so I can only obey and write notes down on my phone while half in sleep.

It’s very enjoyable to be so inspired that you almost can’t wait to wake up in the morning (or to get home from my walks) so that you can begin to write, I really enjoy it.

Even at times when I have to tell the inspiration “I really have to sleep now, I’m tired” and I know it doesn’t care if I’m tired or not, even then I’m full of gratitude.

And whatever it is that I write about; the moment I publish something that is of the more personal nature, that is also the moment it belongs to the past and I have moved on, that’s really how it works.

So even if I sound pissed off in an article the irritation I felt that inspired me to write in the first place leaves me the moment I’m done writing, so I’m not an angry person at all.

I do however allow all feelings to come and go though and I don’t see pissed off-ness as being wrong or unspiritual at all.

But I know many people live in the past, so someone can contact me about something I wrote months ago and still think that it’s fresh to me, but it never is.

To me it’s over and done with a long time ago.

Something I decided a long time ago was to never ever go back and edit old articles, because even what I wrote last week may not be relevant to me anymore and to go back and correct things or write things differently to fit better into the now (because I see things differently and are more mature today) would be a fulltime job right there.

So I’m always new in that way and come from a fresh perspective, I never dwell and wallow in anything.

Everything has been leading up to this moment and this moment is where Life is and this is the expression that comes through me, and how it chooses to express itself tomorrow it’s not something I have control over, I simply follow what my intuition tells me and what it reveals tomorrow I can’t know.

My sharings has not as much to do with me as it has with you, the reader; it’s what you get out of it, and it all depends on where you are on your own path, that’s what really matters essentially.

The words can be alive for you even if it is in the past for me, and your heart is what leads you to read what you read, whatever it may be and that’s what really matters.

We are all able to turn our difficulties and hardships to something positive and maybe even inspire and encourage others too when we share from our own lives.

Not that we have to (not everything has to be shared just because we have experienced something), but I don’t mind sharing the way I do.

And I have been pretty open about my struggles and also my past challenges with having had drug problems and so on.

And yes, I have been tested to the limits to put it mildly, and I have been pushed into a corner (by Grace) many times and that in turn has been what drove me to surrender too, so I’m grateful . It had to happen that way.

I think it can be inspiring for others to hear that you can get well again, that life can actually be beautiful and joyful.

But of course I can still have crappy days (or moments, as they don’t really last that long anymore) or difficult and challenging times, of course, but I don’t make them into problems. (Challenges become problems only by thinking).

What I have come to really realize (although I have always felt God in my life) on a very deep level is that there most certainly is a power that is available to us all at all times that we can trust and have faith in, and to be able to say that with confidence comes from genuine and real life experiences and realizations.

We can’t learn these things from books and tapes, they have to be lived.

And all this has lead me to have given myself to God, and my first priority in life is to follow the will of God and I always consult with the power that holds all of this before I do anything, my writing included.

It has become a natural way of living for me and the love I feel for God is not even possible to describe in words, it means everything to me and there’s no one more eager than me to do Gods will, I can tell you that.

If someone can get inspired by what I share, then that’s great, but if not, that’s great too.

I don’t do this to serve humanity or people, I do what I do purely to serve God, which in essence is you and I and everything else that exists.

By only concerning myself to please God and not people allows me to simply be who I am and share the way I do, and there’s huge freedom in that because there is no need to be anything for someone else, nor is there any need for approval or being understood.

To only be who you are is enough and it’s a very pleasant way to live 🙂


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  1. Mary Lessis

    Great posting !!! right before I checked my mail I was thinking about you , maria and my thoughts were that I really need to read her new post , AND BINGO ! because right now I am so busy with grand-kids, and lots of chores .THANK YOU !

  2. Glad it resonated with you Bruna:)

    Life really changes completely when we live for God and put him/her/it first.

    It liberates us because we don’t do what we do in order to serve man (humanity) or ourselves anymore (to have our own goals and plans fulfilled) but only to please God (obeying the heart’s calling), so our doing becomes the joy and fulfillment in itself.

    And the continuous never-ending communication is beyond loving and caring, it’s indescribable and I am so filled with gratitude I can’t even say.

    When we commit ourselves to serve God, things starts to change, without a doubt.

    Even the hardship we meet on the way are all designed by Truth to push us closer and closer to God until we get to the point where we surrender ourselves completely and our lives to the Truth of who we are.

    When we see this clearly, how everything had to happen the way it did; wow!

    Who can complain after the realization of the perfection of how everything has worked for our good up until now? (And continues to do so).

    It’s not possible, none of it could have happened without God’s hand in it, and when we see this clearly, all we can (or, want to) live for is the power that holds it all.

    That’s why we’re here, to get to that realization and then let God live through and as us 🙂

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