Who Do You Think You Are, Ego?

I hear people think that the ego is needed, and bursted out in laughter this morning (in amusement of how the ego functions) when I once again heard someone say that “well, wouldn’t we all go back to living in caves, how would things get done in the world without the ego?”

To me that’s like saying to God, that is The Intelligence, that it can’t really do it’s job and we would all go under if we (as in ego) was not in control.

We are not in control in the first place!

The ego is a collection of thoughts and concepts about who we think we are.

We have been taught to believe that we are this individual and separated entity that’s main purpose is survival, therefor it’s seeks fulfillment and security all it’s life, when in fact fulfillment is already here and security is a myth.

There’s no security in life. Only the fear of death would ever make us (the ego) to desperately try to attain some kind of security, but all things of the world will come and go, nothing is for us to keep.

And there’s nothing gloomy about that at all!

The ego gets scared and thinks that without it’s grip (ha!:-) on life it would go down pretty fast so it tries to control every moment of it, but in reality Life is the intelligence that runs the whole show we call life.

The ego believes that if it didn’t control life, we would all be sitting on the couch doing nothing.

Nothing would get done and we would regress to cavemen and women again.

In reality, when we let go and surrender to Life (which oftentimes happen when we have suffered enough and are ready to trust the intelligence of life itself, or “God” and we let It take over)  that’s when life (or spirit) can do it’s thing through and as us without interference from our false little self.

There’s peace present, inspiration (which can’t be “created” by the mind/ego), there’s freshness, openness, pure intelligence; the mind gets used by that intelligence, and no longer are we used by the mind.

As it looks now, for the majority of people, the mind (thoughts) are running their lives, and they are prisoners of the mind without even knowing it.

When letting life live us, we are moved to do things; it lets us know what way to go, don’t go there, do this, contact that person, we would know what to say yes to and what to say no to simply by listening and trusting our intuition that doesn’t operate from logic, and it’s all orchestrated by the higher intelligence which you can call God if you want (I like using the words Truth and Life) and we can’t know in advance why we are drawn to do what we do.

It’s just a very natural flow, and the asking is no longer there (should I do this or that), we just completely trust life and we move with it, with effortless effort. It’s like when you move an arm, you just do that, or when you’re walking outside, walking is happening.

When you “create” something, you know it’s not you who do that, you know that that’s life moving as you, doing it’s thing.

As it looks now, if we live from a level of ego, which is very dysfunctional, we believe our thoughts and beliefs to be true, we believe our conditioning and we are trapped in the mind.

There’s no truth to be found in mind. Truth is beyond mind.

When we realize that, Truth can use mind in an intelligent way that has it’s foundation in peace and service.

Life knows what it does!

It doesn’t need our little goals and plans at all. But the ego believes that it knows better than God so it tries to impose it’s little opinions of how things should be (which is most of the time self-serving, even when the intention is so called positive) and not be, as if it knew better…

Well, how then would we be able to build things, help others and so on, if our own will was surrendered?

The answer is that life would be able to move through us unhindered, and there would be flow, clear direction in the present moment and we would actually be present in life!

  • Ego lives in the future (imagination) and past (memory) which are all in the mind!
  • Spirit lives here and now, in the present moment, which is our whole life. (Nothing exists outside this moment!)

From that place only perfect order can come, peace and selfless service (not for your own gain, but for the benefit of the whole, which we are: Oneness)

You would move through life as life, as in One with it. The purpose of your life would be in this moment, not in some imagined idealistic picture in the future when everything is exactly as you want it to be.

You would be free from all those beliefs.

There would be delight in this moment, you would see things very clearly, and you would welcome the not-knowingness as a part of that life, knowing that you (as in the little self) may perhaps still be there but it is now in the periphery of life and no longer in the forefront.

You would no longer believe your thoughts, you would smile at times when the ego pops up again (which it will) with recognition and love as if it was a little child from another time and world in which you no longer have your being and identity.

There would be love, direct wisdom given in the moment you needed it and not a moment sooner (and whatever needs to be built etc will be shown to you and done through you), and you would rest in complete trust that you don’t even need faith, because you know You Are That.

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I’m very intrigued to hear about your thoughts and beliefs about who and what you think the ego is, and if you think the ego is needed then I would love to hear why you believe that.

I don’t know if I will reply necessarily, I’m not asking for the sake of having a discussion or anything (I’m not trying to convince anyone about anything), I’m just curious about how others perceive the ego etc.

It’s interesting to hear 🙂

Feel free to comment below.

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  1. Eso

    Thanks for this interesting article, on the difference between “imaginary I” (Ego) and the possibility of attaining “Real I” (Spirit) …

    I have similar beliefs that follow psychological methods for detecting the illusion of life, while describing the reasons we can’t see this phenomena as it unfolds…

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  3. deborah

    I am curious as to why we have a ego to begin with? Is the Ego what caused us to fall from being spiritual beings? Just wondering.

  4. The ego starts to develop from when we are small children, from about two years old, and then we grow up mistaking ourselves to be the person we are told to be.

    The ego gets formed by our culture, family, media, school etc etc (basically “the world”), and the conditioning starts at young age and we grow up believing we are the our thoughts, feelings, body, name, and whatever self-image we have.

    That then clouds our perception of life and prevents us from seeing who we really are.

    But reality want’s to wake up to itself, that’s why spontaneous awakenings occur for example. It’s not by our own doing (we don’t attain or achieve anything), but Life itself that wakes up, as us, and the identification changes from thinking we are the person we thought we were, into pure consciousness. We come to know Truth as ourselves.

    All beliefs crumble by this transformational process and what is left, when all concepts and beliefs no longer are believed in, is our true nature, which has been there all this time.

    Here’s an old article that came to mind now that you might like:

    And this one: https://mariaerving.com/who-am-i/

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