Why do bad things happen to good people?

This is a question I get a lot!

So I wanted to address it, shine some light to it – not in an attempt to teach anything, but to raise awareness of the subject which will help others to think their own thoughts about it.

Maybe ruffle some feathers in the process, because it is a sensitive topic.

My intentions is to get people to see things from different angles and perspectives – and sometimes that can be perceived as provocative, but hey, that only happens when others point of view is threatened and there is a risk of being taken out of a victim-role which ego thrives in.

  • Why do bad things happen to good people?
  • Why do good things happen to bad people?
  • Why do good things happen to good people?
  • Why do bad things happen to bad people?

It’s all a question of our own judgment and sense of justification.

We justify bad things happening to ‘bad’ people as something they deserve for example.

I have had people saying “It’s about time something bad happened to her too- she deserves to feel bad/have bad things happen to her also”. I nearly dropped my jaw to the floor.

And the person who said that is someone I consider to be a ‘good’ person, and I see myself as a ‘good’ person too.

I had been on a roll of awesomeness for a long while when things just manifested before me and then one day I somehow came to meet a challenge in my life and this person justified it as something positive. (out of jealousy I guess; Ego)

Just an example to bend your minds a bit:-) Why is it that we never question why bad things happen to bad people?

Why would it be more “right” that good things only happened to good people..? And why are there a smug smile on our faces when something bad happens to a bad person..? Because of our sense of separation! (And I want to add; I don’t believe there are ‘bad’ people; I only think that there are ‘bad’ behaviors)

Makes you think, huh? It’s our own judgment that makes something ‘bad’ or ‘good’, not the event/happening itself.

The event just is – and to draw it a bit further too; the things looked at from the ‘bad persons’ perspective is perceived as ‘good’ for them… hard to swallow, I know.

Moving on.

I don’t believe in victim-hood. If I did, I would not be here today writing these words to you.

I have been victimized in my past – but with the awareness of the bigger picture, I truly, from the bottom of my heart, was able to forgive, and actually also wished nothing but love for my attackers, when I realized that the only one getting hurt by feeling like a victim is myself.

I could have gone on in my life still feeling sorry for myself and cried out “WHY ME?”, but I didn’t. That means we can all chose not to. Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves.

And it’s NOT the same as saying I think it was OK, the things that happened to me! But they did happen, and how I chose to respond and react is completely up to me. I know of people who have marinaded themselves in resentment for half their lives and they are unhappy people.

Not because of something ‘bad’ that has happened to them, but because they refuse to forgive and grow beyond it.

Moving on.

Why do people hurt each other? = Because of the illusion of separation. Because of the choice of living life through Ego rather than Spirit. How do we change this? By changing ourselves first.

That means come to a level of consciousness/awareness where we can feel love for those who hurt us… yep.

Tough call, but there you have it.

  • When we can send love to those who we consider to be ‘evil’, instead of hating or resenting them.
  • When we can wish only good for others no matter what.
  • When we know that what we see are fractions of ourselves and that it is that needs to be corrected in our minds – then healing is possible.

But what about the innocent children?

Why do you see yourself as sinful..? Just because you are a grown up doesn’t mean you’re not innocent too.

Again, there is some kind of twisted justification that children are more worthy of kindness and love.

But what about the starving children in Africa?

I believe, this is my opinion; that too many ‘good’ people sit around in their living-rooms watching the news where they show these clips from Africa, are not DOING enough good.

It is useless sitting around watching horrible things, complain and whine about things, discuss them with others and not actually DO something about the things that upset us!

And by doing I mean do more than crying out ‘why isn’t anyone doing anything?’…

Just ask yourself; what is the reason you watch the news? Why do you watch it if you are not going to do anything about the injustice you chose to look at with your own free will?

Sure, there are people who send money to the people in Africa and so on and I applaud that.

What I want to get through is that when we do something like that, we must have a positive vibe about it, not think “poor people”, because that energy will be carried all the way to them and you only get more ‘opportunities’ to give money to more “poor people” to feel sorry about.

Law of attraction sees to it that the energy of lack will be sent back your way once again. And the complaining- and feeling sorry for others-circle continues.

Another thing is that there are in fact people who come from very poor upbringing that makes huge success later on in life. The difference between those and those who stay poor, is the ability to think further than what the physical eyes can see. Just as we have been programmed to believe certain things about our environment that we are brought up in.

What we consider to be ‘normal’ is seen as completely normal in other places on earth, like eating dogs for dinner for example..

But as long as we keep believing the things we are taught and see, we are kept in the same energy literally. We can all be uplifters if we just teach one thing to each other; to think for ourselves and not believing what others/the world tells us.

The absolute best thing we can teach our children is that wherever you may be on planet Earth, anything is possible when we learn how to use our minds!

I haven’t watched the news for many years, and I don’t read the newspaper. I prefer watching and hearing/reading about positive things that are happening in the world, and I wholeheartedly support that kind of energy instead.

In fact, the more complaints and strong emotions involved with the pictures we allow into our minds (coming from TV for example..), the more of the same we are creating into our lives and the world at large.

Law of attraction brings only more of the same energy to us. That’s why it’s important to be FOR things rather than AGAINST.

Be for Peace and food for everyone rather than against war and poverty.

When I decided to become a vegetarian for example, I decided to watch “Earthlings”, a movie that made me cry and feel the rage of how animals are treated, but I didn’t stay in that energy! I went in there deliberately in order to take a giant step towards improvement – that was my intention.

So instead of complaining and whining about the horror I have just witnessed, I asked myself; “What can I do?”, and my answer was clear; don’t support that kind of energy. Period. All change begins with us.

It’s about being aware of what kind of energy we want to be around and be about.

  • “Why does horrible things happen to me? I know about Law of Attraction and would never chose bad things to happen to me!”

It’s not that we CONSCIOUSLY chose to get cancer for example, or to be in an abusive relationship, but we do chose them by the thoughts we think and which in turn creates our feelings. It’s fearful thoughts that creates those circumstances more than anything else. FEAR.

It’s not that we think ‘cancer’ that makes us get ‘cancer’ so to speak. It’s not about the situation or illness in itself – it’s all about the thoughts we keep thinking that forms our beliefs and habits.

And I do believe that we chose to have some challenges in our life before we get here so to speak, and combined with all the choices we make in life (like not listening to our intuition when it’s telling us ‘not to go there’ or ‘run the other way’) leads us to these situations.

We can never know what reasons others have. Who would consciously marry an ax murderer for example? What that person probably did, was to chose, before coming into this world, to learn about seeing the divinity within this disturbed person with the desire of being a part of his or her healing.

And then there’s the combination of not listening to the warning signals from the inner self; intuition. We always get warnings before something happens. We must learn to listen and trust it.

With this I want to add that there is no pre-destined ‘soul contracts’ – that is not what I mean.

All things are made and created right now, and the ‘lesson’ might very well have been to simply listen to the inner voice, which would help us to avoid unpleasant situations so to speak. So nothing ‘bad’ is ever justified.

It’s when we look at the situation in our life that we perceive as being ‘bad’ as something that is isolated from the bigger picture, that’s when we our perception gets twisted and out of context.

I do believe that all things work together for good, and that there is a blessing hidden in every hardship.

Often we can see this in hindsight, wouldn’t you agree?

We all have a desire to grow, become wiser and more compassionate – how would we be able to become more if there wasn’t something to grow beyond? What if we always were on ‘cloud number nine’? (boring after a while if you ask me) I’m not that enlightened just yet to be able to appreciate a life without contrast! 🙂

Lastly I want to say that there is nothing in the world that could ever justify a violation towards ANYONE or anything – and we should all take responsibility in creating the world we desire.

That means to stop being neutral observers of injustice or cruelty.

We must, each and everyone of us, also draw in bystanders and inspire others to rethink old attitudes and costumes by inspiring them by the person we chose to be in the world.

We must change our attitudes and we must first and foremost stop seeing ourselves and others as victims.

When we can see each others as we really are, whole and perfect, we are sending that very energy towards our fellow human beings and by the power of our connectedness that we share with the universe/God, we will strengthen that in each other as well.

In the larger context of it all; it’s all spiritual, and the more we can, as a mass consciousness, bring us beyond living life only through the five senses, that’s when we are able to see Truth.

~ We must start living the answers.

That was what just flowed through me out to you – I hope it created a few aha-moments for you, as it was my intention to just inspire you to see things from different views and angles.

And maybe you even agree with me, thinking I just wrote down your own thoughts! 🙂

-Wow! I just saw how much I have written, and this could easily be a series of at least three posts.

OK, shall I, or shall I not – no, I’ll post it as it is. This must be the longest post I have written, but so be it:-)

~Looking forward to your replies and comments, and if you have any questions; feel free to post them too. I might not have an answer, but I will most probably have an opinion! 🙂


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  1. Tracie

    Ho aye! (means very well said in the Nisqually language)

    My thoughts are there.:) I’m producing a video on this and various topics, would you be interested in discussing further details? I can be reached through my website at:


    Chi-meegwetch (thank you) for your inspiring words and I look forward to hearing from you!:)

    Peace, Love & Light

  2. Maria Erving

    Hi Tracie,

    Thank you! I’m glad you liked it 🙂

    Yes, what you do sounds interesting for sure – I’ll write you a private message within a day or two and we can talk more.
    Looking forward:)

    Have a GREAT day! 😀


  3. Wow, I have to read this post one more time just to get it all in..very thoughtfull words, i agree that we should all be thinking more positive thoughts and stop worrying so much. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Toni Lucero

    Thank You for those words of healing. I really needed that. I don’t consider myself a Bad person but rather confused. The one person that I trully loved I victimized and hurt repeatedly and I don’t know why I continue to hurt him. Could it be possible that I am angry with myself and I turn around and hurt him? How do I move past this?

    Please help.

  5. Maria Erving

    I’m glad you liked it 🙂
    It’s very difficult to reply in a few words when I only know so much about you and your relationship with this person,
    but yes, I think it’s always about ourselves and our own insecurities and the answer would be as Louise Hay would put it; learn to love yourself and all issues fall away <3 That is what I believe too. When we love, really love, dependency falls away and we don't have to manipulate, hurt or victimize anyone because we don't feel we 'need' anything from the other person, because we already have it from within ourselves.
    I hope that helps,

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