Why I left India Earlier Than Planned

I’m back in Europe and it feels great! 🙂

You have to tolerate a lot when traveling in India and some weeks ago I came to the point where I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. 

There’s a couple of things about India that has been more challenging than any other thing and that’s the uncleanliness and the staring from men. 

India is a disgustingly dirty country, there is no other way to put it and no one can tell anything different after they’ve been there.

The other thing is the staring. I don’t mind if people look with curiosity, but the staring from the men in India.. it’s like they are retarded (sorry, but that’s the most accurate word I can use) and it’s just so annoying.

This obviously means that you have to wear clothes that covers up your body even if it’s over 40 degrees outside, and you can forget about swimming unless you want men to be flocking around you.

As I mentioned in the beginning you have to tolerate things in India that you don’t have to deal with in the Western world simply because the mentality (and overall human development) is different but this doesn’t mean I hated being there.

On the contrary I enjoyed the trip very much and it was a great adventure; I’ve experienced a lot of wonderful things and so on but for the reasons I have stated here (and a few others as well) I’m never going back to India again.

I just became fed up with traveling there only to meet filth, garbage, uncleanliness and staring everywhere I went and I said to myself that if I could go back to Spain now, I would, without a shadow of a doubt I absolutely would.

The day finally came when I had reached my limit of what I could take when it came to the negative things about India and I felt done with India and everything that comes with traveling there, simple as that.

And Life heard me loud and clear because the morning after I said that to myself I woke up and checked my inbox and saw that I had received an email with a message that made it possible for me to go back to Spain earlier..!

A door had opened for me and I was so happy I could not stop smiling, it was such a relief! 🙂

So I’m back, I arrived last night and it feels wonderful. Great to be able to do normal things and live in hygienic conditions again.

And to have a good Internet connection! 

So I look forward to write more, catch up on my online work again and talk on Skype again as well 🙂 

Indian Sweet Paan
Indian Sweet Paan. An Indian treat I really loved! 🙂

Here’s one last photo album from my traveling in India:

Click Here.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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  1. Linda

    Never been to India. Have a lot of friends who have and the vote is split.
    Some really like it – all of it. “Intense” and “real” is how someone put it – and others are in definite agreement with you.

    Just about have to know someone who doesn’t live in, or too close to the cities to have a different experience.

    Anyway, glad you are going to have more Spain time, enjoy! <3

  2. I read/heard that too before I left, that either you love India or you hate it.

    But regardless of where you are (city, town or village) the staring and littering and spitting and peeing everywhere is there, it only smells stronger in bigger cities, but it’s always there.

    I traveled in many different places; all the way from Delhi to Rishikesh, Goa, Kerala, Munnar (hill-station), Trivandrum, Chennai, Kolkata, northeast, Sikkim etc, so I saw a lot, but some things were the same in each place (uncleanliness for example).

    I would not use the word “real” about India though. It’s a very brainwashed culture (culturally/spiritually/socially repressed and underdeveloped).

    ‘Intense’, sure, but Los Angeles is intense too but in a different way, a way that I appreciate (I love the creative intensity there for example).

    I’m glad to be back in Spain and after having seen and experienced what I did I really prefer the Western world, so I’m very happy to have this side of the world as my home 🙂

  3. Jim Sumner

    Hi Maria,

    Myself Jim, don’t you think so your this post is racist. Actually, I was looking for spiritual stuff and your website was on some 5th or 6th page of google. I was looking all websites for spiritual stuff. But, your this website seemed little racist. I am actually feeling bad that such deep racism still exists in us. My Mom and Dad were from England and I grew up in Newyork but I never have faced any Indian with underdeveloped brain. I work for research centre in New York. I am one of the head Researcher and truly speaking we hire people from India and China. They are very intelligent people and can crack problems quickly than anyone here. It depends because you cannot judge billions of people and several places in India from just 1 visit. I think you should be having really good powers to do that.

    I am very intellectual person. I have been to several places in regard of research but I love India. I must say there is something that drags me there. You should have that vision to see underneath things. Well, please if you felt bad, I am sorry but this is what I saw. Again, it depends on education as well. My job is to find hidden stuff. So, I have that vision to see hidden reality. It depends on your education. Undereducated people still holds themselves in that place of racism and all. But, Maria, we cannot do this. We are humans. Everyone has soul.

    I usually dont comment but the way you have written bad about some country I really felt bad. Also, it is not true. I just thought of raising my voice.

    Jim Sumner

  4. Hi Jim, welcome to my website, great to hear that I’m high up on Google!

    You have obviously only read this one article about my India trip and then your ego latched on to the one thing it could make “wrong” and ignored the rest.

    So with that said I’m not even going to address the fact that you just called my whole website a “little racist”.

    Now to just clarify a few things you mentioned in your comment;

    I have never said anything different from what you stated too, that many Indian people are highly technically skilled (actually I almost always point that out when I talk about them).

    They are very skilled, and many Indian people are also highly educated in other areas as well, I even think I’ve read somewhere that Indian doctors are among the best in the world.

    But it’s interesting to see how the ego latches on to the negative (which it doesn’t like or agree with) and then makes it all about that.

    I have written a bunch of other articles as well about my traveling in India and my experiences there and also posted many photo albums on Facebook etc but I guess you didn’t see them?

    You can find many of them here:


    I’m glad to hear that you have had great times in India, so did I, I had a lot of wonderful experiences and made a lot of interesting observations while there.

    But the reality remains that when you visit India you do have to tolerate a lot, for example the uncleanliness.

    You can easily do a Google search and type in “dirty india” and plenty of evidence (pictures and all!) comes up for anyone to see.

    About the brain development comments you made;

    Wouldn’t you agree that a headhunting tribe (which still exist in India although they no longer actually eat human flesh and collect sculls) is underdeveloped too compared to the rest of the world?

    This doesn’t mean that I think the rest of the world is highly intelligent and wise, it just means that we are different.

    Neither good, bad, wrong or right, simply different, and I have even pointed this out in other articles as well if you had looked a little bit more, that opinions are never to be seen as true.

    They are merely a persons observations and this is exactly what I saw and experienced and I can say it again without any remorse at all;

    India is a disgustingly dirty country, and it has nothing to do with poverty, it has to do with mentality (brain and mind development/growth).

    I saw even wealthy and educated people throw garbage literally everywhere.

    All brains and minds in this world are differently developed, and when I speak about the “average” mentality and growth I speak about the herd (the folks that are the most brainwashed/programmed to follow cultural “rules”).

    I can say things about the average Swedish brain too (I’m from Sweden) without any judgments about right or wrong.

    Just differently developed and it’s not “hidden” in any way, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see this.

    My observation about the average Indian brain and level of consciousness is that I indeed see it being underdeveloped both spiritually and also in some logical ways.

    This is very clear to me, but of course I also see the vast majority of the world being spiritually underdeveloped too, not just religious countries like India, but the Western world too.

    Here we have a lot of other silly spiritual beliefs, new age spirituality and so on.

    It’s the same brainwashing thing going on, just with a set of different beliefs and belief-systems.

    With this said I invite you to read my other articles as well about India and you will realize that this particular article is merely a short explanation about my personal choice about why I left India and why I never will go back.

    Some people love India and go back time and time again and that’s wonderful for them; good for them and good for you if you like it that much too (enjoy!).

    I just prefer the Western world and as much you are drawn to India (like you mentioned) I’m drawn to the USA.

    I love America, and it’s the exact same thing here, that some like it and some don’t. Big deal.

    It’s just my personal preference, that’s all, no right or wrong here and has nothing to do with something being “true” or not, it’s simply a personal choice and preference, that’s all.

    Hope this clarifies things for you.

  5. Jim Sumner

    Please refer this website that I feel which is true. I am from England but I am a true follower of Lord Krishna of book Bhagwadgita. That book is so divine and so true. According to that, truth should be spoken the way it doesn’t hurt anyone. Truth should be spoken selflessly without creating any divisions. A spiritual awakened person knows the ways to how a truth should be spoken/ mentions the way it doesn’t seem cruel or hurt anyone. *** LINK REMOVED. Please follow comment guidelines: https://mariaerving.com/comment-policy/ ***

    For example:- Saying glass is half empty and glass is half full. Meanings are same but how optimistic the second statement ” Glass is half full” looks? This is where education comes into play. Because to accept hard studies you need to be mentally prepared, you have to put your personal life on hold, social life on hold and no enjoyment with hard work and you still do not even know your future except hard struggle which gives you so many experiences. You also get time to observe this world while you a person under this stage. You attain qualities like patience, stability, a person has worked hard so that person knows what struggle is and become more sympathetic, appreciates hard work. EXPERIENCING AND SEEING IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT. That person knows how to get to 100 from zero. That person can identify an opposite person depending on how they speak. SEEING A TRUTH AND EXPERIENCING IT IS TOTALLY A DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE. THIS IS WHERE EDUCATION DIFFERS. When a student with no goals is enjoying a life, a student who works hard has that mental power or will power to sit and study for 15 to 16 hours continuously. No one asked them to do it, but CHOICE DIFFERS between an intellectual person and not an intellectual person. That will power development is important.

    Also, on behalf of your education conversation. Yes, education is important. To be a rocket scientist is not important to understand these topics but being educated is important because educated people have that capability to dig things deeper. They have ways to write things the way it doesn’t seem rude. This is where difference comes.

    Also, I can tell from your posts that you think you are spiritually awakened and my this advise will hurt your ego so you will not be accepting it. An educated person knows difference between self ego and self respect. They have capability to accept their own faults and improve. If you will post it then there will be only 1 reason – to prove me wrong. Depending on your posts I can say you do not want to see this world in anyone’s way but you want to stick to your belief of not having beliefs but dear Maria, that is also a belief of not having belief. Thoughts are important because thoughts creates actions and thoughts are part of beliefs. No person in this world can be without any beliefs. YOU WOULDN’T HAVE WRITTEN THIS BIG BLOG WITHOUT ANY THOUGHTS OR BELIEFS.

    Also, learning process never ends. Saying ” How I became spiritually awakened” statement is not right . “Learning process never ends” – This is what educated person says.

    I hope you got the difference. I didn’t find your website of much valuable knowledge to me. Also, it is quite not intellectual. The things you said. I agree with some. I actually like reasons behind how, why and what.The book I told you gives all explanations with a reason.

    Also, that book you can get on website. It is from India but really good spiritual book. That book never says ” Santa is for children” It says ” Learn yourself that Santa does not exist” If you are educated enough find the difference between 2 statements by yourself. That book says ” Do not believe in me, but experience me and then believe me” It needs lots of deeper understanding qualities to understand that book.

    Let me know if you can understand that. Experience yourself the difference between ” SEEING TRUTH AND EXPERIENCING TRUTH”


  6. You lost me in your first sentence Jim.

    I find your comments to be just a bunch of mindless blabbering which comes off very immature, so I only have a few comments to make in reply and then I’m done with this conversation:

    – A book or teaching is not The Truth.
    – Truth can’t be spoken about or taught, only pointed towards.
    – The pointing sometimes hurts the ego and offends it severely.

    How you decide to feel about what I write is totally up to you and your own responsibility.

    If you have anything more to add or say on my blog (although I wonder why you’re still here since it’s clearly not resonating with you) then please follow the comment guidelines stated here:


    Thank you, and goodbye.


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