Why I Stopped Tithing

I have been tithing for almost a year (I began in June 2014)  and after recent developments (or growth/unfolding) in my awakening (which I will be sharing more about in another article) I have decided to stop tithing.

There’s nothing dramatic about it; it just suddenly lost its flare or wonderfulness (I just don’t feel drawn to it anymore), like many (or all to be more specific) spiritual concepts has for me lately.

It has been a very transformational time for me and I am no longer who I used to be and with this change within me (in consciousness) my life has become totally different too.

It has become impossible for me to have any beliefs anymore as they have all been revealed to me as false – no matter how positive or wonderful they might be; a belief, in whatever form, is always false.

There is absolutely nothing about beliefs that interests me anymore.

With awakening all those things, such as beliefs, theories, philosophy, concepts and other speculations and spiritual ideas etc, they all disappear because they are all untrue and the fire of Truth takes all those things out and destroys them and smashes them to ashes, to nothingness. 

No matter how much you might want to defend your beliefs; try presenting one for me that is true. It’s just not possible. 

The only thing we can know for sure is I AM. We can know we exist (that we are), that’s all.

All else is speculation and theories, and with awakening you leave all that behind.

That means literally all beliefs and concepts, even the wonderful, positive and empowering ones that many wants to hold on to in the awakening process. 

You lose that life, not that it’s a loss (not at all, it’s actually a liberation and freedom from illusion), and after you have let Truth burn it all up, all that is left is Truth itself. (Which is beyond any belief-systems).

There are no random events and even this I can see even more clearly now; I can see how life set up the tithing-thing for me and also what its true purpose was.

For one thing it made me lose all fear (worry) about money, but it also made me question my beliefs even more when the promises that the tithing principle promises was not kept.

Losing my home and having to live with friends is not “having all my needs met”, and I know that some might reason (and argue) that my needs were met (because I had roof over my head) but that would be like saying that a bum or homeless persons needs are met because he/she has a bridge to live under (or whatever the case might be). 

People make all kinds of silly excuses for their failing God, but for me it was a perfect opportunity to question my beliefs and that revealed to me the Truth of the matter and thus I was able to see through it and let the concept go. 

Such a beautiful set-up by Life, it’s amazing how it works to awaken us! 🙂

And there is no disappointment involved in this by the way, no doubt or fear or any of that kind, just a pure and simple recognition that tithing is a spiritual concept and concepts just don’t resonate with me anymore.

I have seen through it all, I have been deprogrammed from all beliefs by Truth itself.

With all this said; this doesn’t mean I won’t be continuing to give.

I still like the principle of giving and I will continue giving but not according to any rules.

I give when I want to give (when I feel guided to give) and whatever amount I feel guided to give and whenever I want to give (and not systematically as I did before). 

And if I want to give 5%, I give 5%, and if I want to give 20% then I give 20%, or whatever random sum I feel guided to give; I just give that.

There are no rules for me anymore.

It’s all up to me and what my guidance tells me to do and that’s that 🙂

Very simple. 

letting go of tithing


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