You Have To Be Willing To Be Alone (Dedicated to Truth)

A commitment to Truth can for some people mean they have to spend some time alone, or even feel isolated from the world for a while and sometimes all friends and even family may be moving away from them, or fall away.

That has been my own experience many times throughout my life, in different phases of my life.

Some of them were obvious choices, like when I stopped doing drugs, obviously I had to let go of my old friends, so there were times when I was all alone and I had to learn how to move and be in the “real world” again all by myself.

I have always been blessed with having pets, so they have always meant a lot to me, they have in many ways been my angels on earth so to speak and helped me with more than I can even begin to mention.

This past year after my spiritual awakening experience that completely shifted my consciousness, many people have left me and I have left them.

My message doesn’t resonate with them anymore, and that is perfectly fine.

I no longer teach control (LOA, Mind Power etc), but the let go of control, the total opposite of my former teachings; I have been completely transformed and none of those past teachings resonate with me anymore.

I am so totally committed and dedicated to truth, I could not be anything else, and that means that I have to be willing to loose everyone in my life for it if Truth requires so, and I am.

I really am.

I love what I have discovered, or realized. What has come alive in me.

Being alone is not the same as being lonely. It’s a natural happening in the process and so there will be a time of adjusting yourself to the new, and if you’re feeling isolated or forced to be alone, see it as a blessing, because believe me it is.

If you truly are dedicated to know and live the Truth and nothing but the Truth, it will remove everything (everything!) from your life that is not true, and that may include some of your most cherished beliefs and even relationships from your life.

It will empty your life from all that is not true, and leave nothing undone – all you have learned will be unlearned, and you will be left naked.

On your own, but not ‘alone’-alone.

Embrace that, wherever you are, because there’s an undercurrent of flow going on that you may not understand yet.

Being dedicated to Truth means to embrace everything, not only the nice and comfortable parts of life (that’s really how the ego rolls, it’s always looking for a way out while our true nature embraces everything, that’s what true and mature spirituality is, it’s not about “feeling better”, but to sincerely allow yourself to experience everything); it means literally everything, and that includes the willingness to be alone.

It includes the willingness to look very closely at everything that is not true in our lives and have that removed either by our own choice, or by us kicking and screaming our way through it by the feeling of victim-hood. But it will be removed, trust me on that one.

If you have a sincere wish to know the Truth and nothing but, it will be known to you what you need to let go of.

And if you’re already past that insight but are resenting and resisting your imposed alone-ness then ask yourself if you really would go back if you could, knowing what you now know?

It’s impossible. Life has a hold on you, and it will not let you go. Spiritual awakening is about waking up from the false.

Simply trust it and be willing to be alone and use that time to really go within and see the blessing in your opportunity to not have anything or anyone distracting you.

You could have that attitude to it too. (That’s where our seemingly free will lies; our attitude towards the inevitable:-)

Your alone time is so important, so use it wisely – dedicate it to know Truth fully, inquire within sincerely and deeply with all your heart and give yourself fully to it.

You’re freedom lies in the surrendering to what is, whatever it is.

Some will leave you and some won’t, just know that whoever leaves, is meant to leave, and that all is in absolutely perfect order.


Transformational Coaching and Healing with Maria Erving

You have been an amazing addition to my life!

Thank you for all of the wonderful light, and love that you send out into the world. You are indeed an inspiration even though we are half way across the world – isn’t that wonderful! It is a privilege that is not taken lightly. Thank you Maria! 

Ruby Coleman Professional Musician and Actress, Memphis, Tennessee, USA


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