Do a Backup Before Upgrading WordPress

How To Backup Your WordPress Blog

To backup your WordPress you need these two plugins: (IMPORTANT NOTE IN THE END OF POST, PLEASE READ)

WordPress Backup (by BTE)


“WordPress Backup is an essential plugin for all WordPress blog administrators by the BTE. It performs regular backups of your upload (images) current theme, and plugin directories. Backup files are available for download and optionally emailed to a specified email. Don’t get caught without a recent backup of your theme or images or plugins” ~

WordPress DB Backup


“WordPress database backup creates backups of your core WordPress tables as well as other tables of your choice in the same database» ~

These plugins are essential – you really need them, so get them asap.

IF something should happen to your blog or your host, then you’ll have the backup so you can restore it, and not loose anything. Must-have-plugins!

You can get these plugins for free by searching for them in your Backoffice > Install > Activate. (Or by visiting the authors sites and download them from there)

WordPress Backup (by BTE) Settings:

You find it under Settings > WordPress Backup.

This is how it should look, see pic below. Just put an email address there where you want the backups to be sent.

TIP: Create an email address that you will use specifically for backups, that way you have them all in one place. And remember to log in and delete the files/emails now and then because they take up much space and your inbox may become full quickly. Check often.

There are three options as you can see: (written in blue in the pic)

  • Upload Image Directory Backup
  • Theme Directory Backup
  • Pluigin Directory Backup






As you can see; all these should be written in green:

Backup folder exists

Backup folder is writable is writeable is writeable is writeable

The text that says Please add an .htaccess file to the backup folder can be left as it is, but the other ones must be green.

Click “Update options”

Every time you want to do a manually backup, which you have to do before you do a WordPress Update (WP updates now and then, and before you do that, you need a backup) you click on the Theme Directory Backup, Pluigin Directory Backup, and Image Directory Backup one by one and save the Zip-files on your computer:

Remember to delete the old ones every time you do a new backup so the files don’t get piled up in your computer. You only need the latest backup zip file.

Next backup plugin is the…

WordPress Database (DB) Backup

You’ll find it under Tools > Backup.

This is pretty straight forward, just choose all of them:







In the backup sections; choose email or computer, but not to server.

And click Backup Now, and when you do, this is how it looks:





You will be told when the backup is completed.

To schedule automatic backups, you can chose how often and to which email (choose the same email to all backups, it makes it easier to keep them all organized), and then just click on “Schedule backup”:

And you’re done! icon smile How To Do A Backup On Your Blog

NOTE: Before you do a WordPress Update; deactivate all plugins, and reactivate them again after the update.

Also: If you use HostGator as your host you can do a backup in the cPanel there as well.

I do all these options myself on all my sites just to make sure that IF something went wrong with the WordPress upgrade I’ll have the full backups so that my site can be restored.

To access the backups in HostGator cPanel; see under the files-tab; there you can see a link saying “backups”.

Simply click on the link and follow the steps (takes under a minute basically to do this) and the full backup is sent to your email. See to it that you actually receive it BEFORE you do any WordPress upgrades!

One last note on WordPress upgrades: it’s usually best to wait a week before doing the upgrade after WordPress has announced that there’s an upgrade available. 

I just did an WordPress upgrade now on this site, and after I have published this post I’m going to do my other sites as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE: (June 2012) I have heard (but are not sure) that these plugins are a bit outdated, so I have purchased Backup Buddy to backup my entire site. I can really recommend it:


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