Flow is Harmony, "work-life balance" tips

Instead of seeking Work-Life balance, seek Harmony

Harmony is Flow, Flow is Harmony.

Living in the flow of Life means you live in harmony with yourself and the universe.

When we’re not in harmony, it might feel as if we’re out of balance, when in reality we’re out of sync, or alignment, with the present moment.

We are scattering our energy and efforts in all directions, trying to be everything to everyone all at the same time.

So seek alignment (with the present moment) first, and when you get back into harmony with life, you will also feel more balanced as a person.

We can all be busy, the question is busy doing what?

Sometimes it may look as if we’re busy when in fact we’re just trying to juggle many tasks at the same time and thus not really getting anything done as good as they could have been done (=stress-free).


Because we’re not fully present with the task or the people we have before us.

We are physically present, our bodies are ‘there’, but our minds are elsewhere.

  • It might be with your family;

You’re ‘there’ but you’re not really present with your child or partner because you’re reading emails on your phone at the same time while they are talking to you or trying to show you something.

  • It might be in your business;

You’re in a meeting and while you’re co-worker is presenting a new idea for you, you’re thinking about your fitness goals and what you ate for lunch earlier that day.

  • It might be with your friends;

Instead of enjoying a nice dinner with them, you’re thinking about the deadline at work, letting your thoughts stress you out and leave you feeling overwhelmed and “out of balance”.

But what you want it not balance, it’s flow. Harmony.

Harmony comes when you’re fully present with what you’re doing at the moment, or being fully present with someone when you’re with them.

Meaning, that when you walk into your business you’re present in whatever your doing there, not thinking about anything else or being distracted by things that doesn’t need your immediate attention.

Instead be full engaged in your work when you work, be with your family and friends when you’re with them, relax fully when you’re relaxing and so on.

And let go of guilt!

Guilt is what many times takes people out of ‘balance’.

You are only one person and you can only be in one place at the time.

When you focus on being here and now, fully present in the moment, there’s flow and much more ease and enjoyment in what you’re doing.

So my invitation for you today is that you decide to for the rest of this day (or the whole day tomorrow) really strive to be fully present in the moment, because it’s the moments that are our life.

Right Now, with whoever you’re with and whatever you’re doing, be there fully and realize that you will never get this moment back, or the next moment or the next moment after that.

Life is a series of moments and this moment is where life really is and nothing is promised, we don’t know what the next moment will be like.

This is It, so enjoy it while you can!

Enjoy your business/work, enjoy your time with your family, enjoy your dinners with friends, enjoy your time in meditation or when you’re out in nature etc.

Enjoy the moments that make your life.

Do this and your life will transform.

You will find yourself coming into harmony with Life more and more, and with that alignment you will feel much more ‘balanced’ as well.

“Never let the things you WANT make you forget the things you have.” ― Sanchita Pandey

Here’s one of my very old articles that came to mind, I think it will make you think about the preciousness of life even more and I hope it will help you appreciate what you have, because it’s true as the saying goes;

“Realize/appreciate what you have, before it turns into what you had.”:

Stop And Smell The Flowers

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