Worry Less and Live More

Don’t Let Fear and Worry Rule Your Life

If you have been playing ‘a waiting game’ concerning your life, then stop, right now, and become aware of all the signs that are all around you pointing the way to a better life.

The signs are always there and it’s up to us to seize the moment of guidance and go with it rather than digging in our heels and refusing to budge because of fear and worry.

The more you move with your intuitive knowing and gut feeling the more positive and interesting your life will be.

Dare to turn the volume of the ego voice down and listen to your inner voice that calls you to venture into something new in your life.

Who knows what and who the Universe will introduce to you when you do!

Signs Are Everywhere

Do you see and recognize them?

That’s the stuff that synchronicities are made of and which ultimately has the power to transform your life.

Going with the flow of signs and synchronicities always sets us off in one or more exciting new directions, so today I invite you to;

Make a certain decisions about your future that you have been holding back on making because of worry.

Once you make the choice, you’re headed in the right direction and you can go very far both in your life and in your consciousness.

Why We Feel Stuck

It’s when we stop growing and learning that we stagnate.

There comes a point in our growth where we need to take things to the next level and the next level is always a little bit above where you’re at right now.

Stepping up can be intimidating and uncomfortable for the ego and fear and worry is the expression of the lower state of consciousness that you’re ready to move on from.

But don’t let the fear and worry hold you back.

Worry puts breaks on the life-flow and that in turn makes us feel less alive.

If we feel stuck, it is because we have stopped learning and if we think we have reached all the answers, then we will stop growing.

It doesn’t have to be that way of course.

We Can Choose To Step Up To a New Level of Consciousness

There’s a New Moon coming up on Tuesday (when I also conduct my next distant group healing session) so I invite you to let the new moon energies inspire you to let go of worry and instead look toward the future with excitement.

Feel the sense of new possibilities it brings to your heart when you think about what you could do and experience if you didn’t worry so much – but instead decided to live more.

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