Why I Write Two Journals Instead of One

As you may remember from what I wrote in this article recently I mentioned how helpful it is to write a journal, and how revealing it is to look back and see how life has unfolded because you can clearly see your own spiritual growth and how things sometimes shifts radically from one day to another.

I felt inspired to elaborate on that a little bit because I really want to get through to people how incredibly wonderful it is to have a journal where you write your thoughts and feelings, and also how you can use it to the fullest.

Some people have one journal, but I actually have two.

One is for asking questions, and one is for writing down my desires/visions etc, and sometimes I write in both (intermingle them) when I sense that the channels are wide open and I just continue writing as the words flows through me.

(I don’t interfere with the flow by suddenly changing journal just because what I write about ‘should be in that other journal’).

What I always do, and this is important, is that I honor my time when I write in my journals and I consider it sacred and I do not allow myself to be distracted by anything when I do this.

I take time writing, and I consider it to be one of the most helpful things to do and I urge everybody to get a journal or two and start writing.

As you can see from my scribbles (see pics below) you don’t have to write “beautifully” or edit or correct yourself or anything; feel completely free when you write and write anything you want to with total honesty.

(Forget about doing this perfectly, it’s your sincerity that is most important).

We can all feel when we have come to a stage in life where there’s a shift or ending and new beginning that is taking place and that is the greatest time to sit down and go back and contemplate what has happened since the last time there was a shift taking place in your life.

There are small shifts and big shifts in life but they are all definite endings and you can sense a newness of things to come, but you can’t yet put your finger on what the newness is about so take this time to go within and to meditate and contemplate.

Usually the days around these shifts (if they are recognized as such) are days when not much goes on and maybe we feel more tired than usual and need more rest and so forth. (That should be respected, we always need both rest and action and play and work). 

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This is a great time to take note of what has been and to kind of draw a line in the sand before the new phase of life begins.

I had one of those days yesterday, and I wanted to share my process with you because it brings me so much joy to do these things in my own life and what better is there than to share what is helpful with others as well?

I’m always intensely focused on what I chose to do and I am also very selective with my time and energy as I know everything is an investment, so since that particular date when my life took a new turn (as I mentioned earlier) I have had my entire focus on the new direction and I have loved it as I always do (I’m very passionate:).

But as with all things in life, things evolve, unfold and transform, so I felt that I once again had come to an ending and that a new phase is to begin. (And it’s going to be even more wonderful!:)

So here’s what I do and I hope it inspires you to do something similar as well.

Yesterday I spent many, many hours on reading my journals and going back to see how things has unfolded for me since April 19th and as always there’s a lot of Aha’s, a lot of LOL’s and a lot of Oh, Wow’s when we go back and read our thoughts and all the questions we have asked ourselves.

Because here’s the thing I want to emphasize that I think is vital:

Ask, ask, ask! I swear, you do get the answers you seek – but you have to ask.

So one of my journals is for questions; questions for my intuition. In this journal I literally write “Q for my intuition” and then I ask away as the questions flow through me.

questions for intuition

This is obvious to me and to many of you, but for someone who is new to asking questions, see to it that the questions you ask are questions you want answers to and that they are life affirming, that will help you move forward.

Like for example, if you have questions about a relationship, or your money/work, here’s a few examples on how to ask versus how not to ask:


How can I improve my relationship with _________?

What do I need to be aware of when it comes to _________?

What is the best way for me to approach ________ with what’s in my heart?


Why is he/she treating me like this, why doesn’t he/she listen to me?

Why is this always happening to me? I always attracts scumbags and people who lie to me.

Why oh, why? (You get the point).


In what ways can I provide a service to others that also helps me increase my inflow of money?

What is my true expression and how can I share that with the world while at the same time make a good living out of it?

How can I add value to other peoples lives and at the same time make money doing it?


Why don’t I have more money? Why am I always poor?

Why am I stuck in this dead-end job? Why can’t I never get ahead?

Point is; Ask questions that will help you move forward and upward and not downwards into even more stagnancy and self-pity. 

Ask questions that lifts you up, like for example “how can I make more money”, “how can I prosper in my work/career?”, “how can I move upward and forward in life?”

I ask all kinds of things, small, big, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t ask, and I enjoy asking (I have always been the curious type of person) especially since I know I get the answers, that makes it all so much more fun!

The other journal I have is for my desires, visions and other writings such as realizations and insights.

I write this in communion with my first journal.

Lets call them “intuition-journal” and “intention-journal” just to make my point understood easily.

Like for example if I have come to some kind of deeper understanding, I might ask my intuition how to teach and share that.



And then there’s a communication going on and I get the answers as insights, inspirations, or something comes to me that can help me progress and then I immediately make use of what comes to me. (Never postpone an inspired idea or thought!).

In my intention-journal I also write my thoughts about something, I write about things I want to do and experience and I always write with complete honesty and dedication to the wisdom within me.

It’s like having a deep conversation with your very best friend.

The two journals functions in this way, to explain it in a few words:

  • The Intuition-journal is the receptive process. (You ask/listen)
  • The intention-journal is the active process. (You intend/tell/share)

And it all happens in consciousness.

Before I sat down yesterday to read and look back etc I told myself what I was going to do. 

I turned off the phone, sat down and became quiet (closed my eyes and became still) and spoke to myself and said something like this: (Use whatever words that feels natural to you).

I can sense that things are coming to an end now and so it’s a perfect time to recap and get things clear before the new phase. I’m now going to go back and read what I have written and then I will write a letter that encapsulates the essence of what is most important to me, and then I will let it all go to the wisdom within me that knows everything about it and knows exactly how the path will unfold from here”.

I make sure that my mind gets that this is an important and sacred moment, and how you do that is that you are very sincere and you really feel every word you say with your heart.

That’s why it’s important that you use your own words so that the process feels authentic to you.

After I had done that I opened my eyes and I started to read and take notes of things that stood out in my journals, like for example different realizations I have had, the times when I had felt my heart was bursting with gratitude, when I had learned/realized something new about myself, or when I had made a choice that was in alignment with me.



As you read and take notes of what you later will use when you write the letter to yourself, only take the essence, it should not take more than half a page. Be selective and take only what speaks to you the most.

If you’re sensitive you can feel the thread that speaks the most to you so you pick out those things, and of course you know what areas of life that has been most important to you recently.

Maybe your thing has been about relationships, or money, or your children/family or whatever.

So you take out the most important things and then take a new paper in your journal where you write a letter to yourself that contains the condensed message that you want to convey to your consciousness.

Before you do that, draw a line in your journals to make it clear that you’re ready for the new phase.


Now it’s time to write the letter, and you can use one of your journals for that.

It’s best if the letter is clear, to the point, and not more than 1-2 pages.

This is how I write, but you can chose whatever format that resonates with you:

I begin with acknowledging the gifts I have received, the different revelations I have had, the insights and teachings and whatever it is that I feel gratitude for. This can take up almost half a page.


Next I write my most important desires and visions, and I state them all in one clear sentence, remember you write to yourself and if you understand what you write then your intuition understand it too!:) 

This takes up the rest of the page.

After that I write a few sentences about what I have realized within myself and my development and I make it clear that I have received and understood something that is of importance to me in terms of wisdom.

Lastly I create an image in my mind that captures the core of it all that will help keep me focused on what’s to come when the next phase begins.

You have a clear sense what the new beginning is going to be about by now, it’s like a decision is made and the image contains it and it makes you feel expectant of good to come and it feels wonderful.

The letter-writing part is the most emotional one and even if it’s only a page or two this particular part can take a while to do. I feel this is the most important part and I really give my all to it. 

After I have written the letter I go into a meditative state again, and when I’m in that state I begin reading it out loud to myself (you can slightly open your eyes for this without loosing the relaxed state) and I really feel every word with my whole heart and I elaborate on every point (by speaking them out loud to myself in a conversational manner) as I feel inspired to and I can feel when I’m done with one point and when it’s time to move on to the next.

This process is very emotional and there are tears involved; tears of gratitude and tears of joy. (At least for me, we are all different but it should evoke something within you where you feel an inner agreement with what you just said). 

When I have done this (and it can take some time as I never leave a subject until I feel in my heart that I have communicated it all very clearly and that it has been received so to speak) then I say something like this:

I now leave this to the wisdom within me with absolute confidence that it has all been received and understood, and that wonderful things will come out of it. Lets do it!”.


Then I dry my tears and I close the journals and then I do something completely different.

There needs to be a clear break with ‘the past’.

Yesterday for example after I had done this I went out for a swim in the ocean and after that I watched a movie, which I haven’t done in many weeks. I haven’t even watched TV since I don’t know when, so this was something that was a ‘clear break’ and a letting go took place.

You have to completely take your hands of it all and let It (your inner power and wisdom) take over.

So do something ‘new’, or something you haven’t done in a while to make it clear that one phase has come to and end and a new one is about to begin and know that in between those periods there’s a resting-phase which can take a few days, or you can wake up with a huge inspiration already the next morning and feel compelled to do something, go somewhere or talk with someone that suddenly comes to mind.

The most important thing after all this is done is to listen to your intuition and inspiration and go with it immediately when it strikes your awareness because that’s the cue to the new phase and it can only begin when you respond to your nudges.

And then of course you continue to write in your journals as the path unfolds for you and then you do the same process again the next time you feel the ending and new beginning in your life (or when there’s a shift of some kind).

I hope this has inspired you to go and get yourself a journal (or two) and start writing, it can really be a great help in forming and understanding your place in life and the development of self awareness and intuition.



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