When you don't know what to do

You are Always Succeeding in Life (Move from Fear to Flow)

What to do when nothing makes sense and you don’t even know what to believe anymore.

Always stay on the side of possibility, even in times of doubt and worry!

As you evolve in life and transition from one level of consciousness to another, there can come a time period where you are filled with self-doubt and question everything you’ve done so far and even believed in.

This usually happens when you’ve done a lot of inner work and followed through on all the guidance you’ve received and then come to a sense of completion where everything just ‘ends’ or ‘stops’.

And then, because most of us have been programmed to always be ‘doing’ something and that merely ‘being’ is lazy and irresponsible, the old level of consciousness freaks out because it has suddenly nothing more to ‘do’.

Many of us are addicted to productivity, or have a very strong ‘doer’ personality, so to learn the importance of letting go (and having patience!) when you have done your part can be very difficult.

It can be extremely uncomfortable to suddenly be in the complete Unknown where nothing seems to happen (and where you have zero control), but it’s actually a very potent place to be – as long as you stay with and in the realm of possibility.

You can allow your mind to go in the direction of possible failure and loss, or you can go in the direction of the Unknown, which has an infinite number of possibilities.

Whatever direction you choose to focus on, you will always succeed in, because whatever you focus on is yours to be or to become.

The mind wants to desperately know what will happen next and what to do and how to ‘fix’ the “problem” of ‘nothing happening’.

Know that this is only the old programming going overdrive to keep its place in your consciousness and this is simply the way it reacts to the Unknown.

In this phase you might have moments of intense worry, fear (even panic), and guilt for ‘not doing enough’, even if you have done all you knew was yours to do.

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This is very common, so when this happens and you even doubt all you’ve done so far, know that it’s just the old limited self doing its dance as a way of distracting your from Truth.

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Do everything you can to relax the frantic mind and watch in an aware yet detached way how it throws all kinds of things at you as an attempt to get you into ‘fixing-the-problem-mode’.

There might be an actual problem or challenge in your life that needs to be resolved, sure, but you’re much more likely to make mistakes and hasty decisions that are not right for you in the end if you take the actions from a place of fear.

So even if you don’t know which way to turn or what to believe anymore there’s always one thing you can count on at all times no matter how you feel or what’s going on on the outside:

Turn to the guidance of your inner voice.

Let go and let Life take over from here so it can do its part.

Your job in this process is to stay in a space of trust and allowing things to unfold according to your life’s flow (and not your programmed self’s flow).

So you need to release your grip on thinking you’re in control of this phase.

You can always trust and rely on your inner being so when doubt comes, take some time off (and be offline) and turn within.

Tell your heart everything you’re experiencing and feeling (by meditation/prayer and/or journaling), be completely honest and allow yourself to feel what you feel, and then ask yourself this question:

“What is the voice inside me saying about all this?”

and then listen to what comes up. It can help even more with the connection if you hold your hands over your heart when you ask this.

You can always trust the voice inside you, even if you doubt everything else in life.

Trust the voice within and turn to it when when everything else is chaotic, upside down and/or confusing and you feel lost, and It will help you right back into alignment with the flow again.

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Don’t let other people’s doubt and limiting beliefs affect you.

The world is full of people with limiting beliefs about all kinds of things, so when you’re in this vulnerable phase you might be more sensitive to other people’s doubts and thoughts about how things are “not easy” and how the things you want to do are “impossible”.

Don’t allow your mind to take those things in. There is no need to let other people’s thing be your thing.

You be the decider on what to allow into your consciousness.

One way to do it is to immediately say within yourself that you don’t agree with those types of thoughts and then redirect your mind to what you choose to believe instead.

When you’re feeling sensitive and vulnerable it’s best to not voice anything out loudly to the people who are (most of the time unconsiously) trying to bring your vibe down.

Understand that they are on a different level of consciousness than you and if they are not open enough they will never be able to relate to where you’re at or ‘get’ your point of view.

It’s not worth it getting into any arguments or explanations on what your thoughts, beliefs and opinions are with people who are fixed and rooted in a fear-based consciousness.

Let them have their beliefs and you have yours (even if you’re feeling doubt about them at the moment.)

Never ask for any advice from people who live in a fear-based consciousness – they will only reinforce the false and limiting beliefs that you have or that you’re being bombarded with by the old, limiting program that is trying to keep itself alive in your consciousness.

Your true self knows you and knows everything about you.

It knows everything about where you are in relationship to everything else and exactly what you want and need and how to bring everything and everyone together to fulfill whatever it is that is next for you.

When you’re able to get back in alignment with peace again you automatically come into a receptive mode where you can receive whatever it is that the next step will be.

Some kind of direction or guidance will come; you might be inspired or nudged to do something, go somewhere, or contact someone, or something will just happen out of the blue that takes you to the next level and phase of your life.

All things becomes possible when you’re in alignment with the flow of Life, so whatever goes on in your life and in whatever phase or process you find yourself in, remember this always;

Make alignment your #1 priority and everything will resolve itself and fall into place for you, many times in a way that looks like a miracle and what most people call luck.

When you’re in alignment Life can lead you to more happiness, abundance, love, and peace than you’ve ever experienced before, so trust the unfolding and stay on the side of possibility and all things will go well for you.

“Worrying is praying to the devil” – Terence McKenna

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