You Are Life Seeking To Express Itself

Life doesn’t need our plans and agendas, there is no need for us to tell God (or Source, Life, Existence – whatever you call it) what would make us happy and fulfilled.

Whatever we are seeking on a deeper level (it’s never really about the new car of job) has a spiritual underlying meaning to us, such as becoming happy when we get what we want – but happiness is short-lived, while joy on the other hand comes from a deeper place from within.

Happiness often requires something from the outside to be experienced, while joy is an inside job.

Life already are the things the ego seeks (love, peace etc) – it just waits for us to listen and act upon inspiration.

One of my readers wrote me a while ago and shared something with me that I liked very much. He shared a quote by a Scandinavian author I believe (can’t remember) that said something like “I’m not moving until God moves me”.

Loved that! 🙂

That tells me he trusted his own inspiration, which is nothing but Life itself expressed through a human being.

That’s all it takes basically, but most people on this planet are programmed and conditioned to always strive to achieve something, to become someone, to get something or somewhere.

When we take time to contemplate and meditate with the sincere yearning in our hearts to really hear Truth and nothing but the Truth, we’ll learn how to act from inspiration rather than being motivated by fear in our actions which is the sure receipt for stress and struggle.

When we come from a place of integrity and honesty, we are letting life live us.

Life expresses itself through us; and whatever we need to know or do will be shown us, and it will be revealed to us when we stay totally open and willing to participate in the flow that life really is.

Everything has it’s own time, and everything happens for their own reasons.

It’s only when we act from an egoic state of being that we get in trouble, and that only because we are going against our own true nature. Life doesn’t need to struggle.

Be Still and Let Life Live You. Only then can true joy enter life, because that is what Life Is.

Be willing to listen, want to live the truth of your being more than all your own goals and agendas and let your heart will lead the way!

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