You Don’t Need Goals and Plans

“What? Didn’t you just write about goal-setting the other day??”

Yes, I did and that’s why I was inspired to write this as well because I believe it needs some clarification.

This whole “you need goals” and “you don’t need goals” -thing is something that I believe many people struggle with;

“Should I make goals or not..? What’s the deal here?”

We have all heard Guru’s and various spiritual teachers say that you don’t need goals, that life flows naturally and so on, and I have said that too and I absolutely still agree with that.

But here’s the thing; they are busy being Guru’s and spiritual teachers and I am busy doing my thing over here.

Some other person might be busy building or creating something over there; my point is that we are all doing something (constructive) with our lives and time.

What are you being busy with..? (Occupied with/involved/engaged in doing).

What gets you up in the morning? What brings you a sense of meaningfulness and purpose?

This is what it’s all about.

When you have that something in place you really don’t need much planning or goal-setting because things unfold naturally from that place of alignment with your true path.

But with that said, we all need to plan when it comes to the practical part of things that are unfolding, and many of the Guru’s and some spiritual teachers have people who do that sort of planning for them (PA’s) so when they say they don’t need planning etc it’s because they have people planning things for them (where to speak, where to travel, what events to go to etc).

Do you have your own personal assistant and other people working for you that do things for you..?

Open your eyes.

Life does need some planning and if you want to build something, leave a legacy or whatever then you better get to work and when you do get to work (= start implementing plans and goals) that’s when the flow sets in and things kind of just ‘happen’ and come to you.

Sometimes it comes to you in the form of an idea and you’re suppose to do something with it.

Which means you might need to plan around implementing that idea.

For example if you get an idea that you want to have your own website, that’s your flow calling on you (listen to it!), and then you take a notebook and pen and you begin to evolve the idea so that it can become a reality.

“What do I need? Well, I need to clarify what my website is going to be about. Hm, .. let’s see, I need to write an about page” and so on.

That then opens up yet another door for you; now you need to know what you are going to write on that about page.

= Inner work: “What am I about? What do I want to be about? What do I want to share?” etc and then when that is in place you begin to actually write the page but before you do that you need to know how to write an about page.

Which leads to more work;

= Research, learning, acquire knowledge etc.

See where I’m going with this?

So yes, you need to have plans and goals until your life has kicked into it’s right place and you have entered your natural flow but it’s not going to happen until you have something that gets you up in the morning, something that makes you feel alive and inspired.

And to know what that is you absolutely need to get your shit together and make some goals and plans for your life. 

I personally don’t have goals and plans besides from my India trip but that’s because I am a doer by nature and because life doesn’t require me to have any specific plans and goals at this point in my life.

In fact if I forced them and went against my own flow of things just because someone else says that goals are necessary I would only get in my own way.

It’s a very intuitive way to live, and I know that sometimes goals are needed but sometimes they are not, and when I’m in a phase of no-goals I’m confidently going with that natural unfolding of my life because I am very familiar with how the creative process happens and unfolds.

It’s all an intuitive process where you flow in and out of different stages/phases and where the transitions to the next step is a very natural happening so you don’t need much thinking at all when it comes to that part.

What I do have though is a daily to-do list and there’s always some things on it that needs to be checked off by the end of the day or week.

You never find me waste time and energy unless it’s a choice that I have made consciously (and then it’s not wasted time), for example when I consciously choose to have my Maria-days; those are my slacking off days but I don’t have them everyday.

I’m very aware of what I’m doing, who I’m hanging out with, what I’m using my time on and so on.

Are you?

If not then yes, you absolutely need to get some direction on that and become conscious about your values and priorities and those things don’t just happen all by themselves; they ‘happen’ by us taking action that is in alignment with our values.

And how do we know our values and priorities?

By becoming aware (self-awareness) and by choosing them and being true to them.

And how do we do that?

= Inner work. Get to know yourself, do some soul-searching, make some new decisions for yourself that promotes well-being.

When that is clarified for yourself the actual living of those things begin.

= Outer work begins. Time to cut your losses, end unhealthy relationships, start a new healthier diet and exercise regime, make the choice of quitting your draining job (which also most of the time requires some sort of planning), whatever it is, there’s always some work involved.

Again, things don’t just ‘happen’, at least not at first.

But when you do kick into the right gear of your life and you get back in alignment with yourself, that’s when you begin to experience flow.

That’s when you don’t need goals and plans anymore (unless they are of practical nature) because things will happen naturally and you will take action naturally and you will know when to relax (surrender) and take some time to yourself and you will know all these things naturally.

You don’t need to plan your life at this point.

When your life is lived intuitively you don’t need much goal-setting and planning (again; unless it’s because of practical reasons) because things will unfold naturally and you will go with the flow of things;

You’ll take action when it’s needed and you take a step back and let things happen when you feel intuitively to do that.

But up until that point; yes you do need to plan and set some goals.

I made a poll a while ago where I asked my readers what their biggest challenge was and what came back to me was that most people feel stuck and stagnated in life and that’s why I write both about the importance of making plans and the importance of letting go of them too.

Most people absolutely need to make some sort of plans or goals in order to get themselves on a more enjoyable ride through life.

This is also something the majority of people who I have spoken to has shared with me;

They want to feel inspired and they want to feel aliveness, they want to feel meaningfulness and they want to do something but they don’t know what to do.

Those people absolutely need to put some goals on paper and make plans around those goals.

So listen to yourself and forget about the Guru’s and spiritual teachers who tell you that you don’t need any goals, that you can throw them away unless that’s what you feel intuitively resonates at this point in your life.

If you on the other hand feel that maybe setting some goals would be a good idea then do that!

Use your common sense and ask yourself what the next obvious thing is that you should do. 

We are not all alike (or on the same level of understanding and growth) and there are no rules to follow.

Only your own truth, that’s all you need and no one needs to tell you what that is, you already know.

What holds anybody back is their lack of trusting themselves.

“Oh, but such and such Guru said that goals should be thrown out the window” , “But oh, shouldn’t I just let life happen like such and such spiritual teacher says?”.

Forget about what they say and forget about what I have said too!

Do what YOU feel resonates most.

Sometimes life requires some planning and goal-setting, and sometimes you can throw all your goals and plans out the window, but don’t follow what someone else says is the “right way” –

Think for yourself and learn to trust your own judgment!

Is there a need to make some goals and plans in your life at the moment? Great, then do it.

Is there a need to throw all your goals plans out the window? Great, then do it.

A very easy way to live; Follow your own flow.

flow of life
We already know what to do, no one has to tell us what it is. The flow never goes anywhere, we are the ones that deviate from it by going against our own true nature.


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