You Gotta Wanna!

To be successful in life means we have to have a hunger for it, we must want it more than anything else, and we must believe in our selves.

I love what I heard Will Smith say in an interview about him not having a plan B because he sees no reason having one, because he focus entirely on plan A and I think that’s an awesome attitude, don’t you agree?

That really shows that he believes in his dreams and he goes straight for the manifestation of them. There is no if’s and but’s about his success, only an absolute certainty.

And this is not something that only he has; I see this attitude in pretty much every successful person I have studied over the years; you have to be prepared to make it a priority in life in order to fulfill your destiny that you have chosen.

Success is really a choice, and everyone can make it at any time in life.

Yes, we might go through things; difficult things, and we call it fate, and I do believe in fate. But it’s never meant to stay that way! It’s an evolutionary process and we are no victims.

I really believe that everything that we are going through in life, we decided before we came here. I absolutely believe that we decided to have our struggles and challenges in life, but we have a free will in deciding how we are going to respond to it (our attitude) and how we are going to create our destiny from here on, from this present moment.

There’s the difference between fate and destiny.

We may have a fate of having had abusive parents, or having a drug addiction, but we are never meant to stay in the energy of it. Our attitude about it is what changes our destiny, which is entirely up to us.

I believe we chose to have the particular challenges in life so that we can grow beyond them and become more. We create our destiny in this moment, right now we have a change and opportunity to look at things that are happening in our life in a different way, from a different perspective.

It has helped me enormously in the past when I have had my own struggles to deal with; to realize that I have chosen it at some point. It helped me to take responsibility and step out of victim hood.

We gotta wanna have a change before it can happen!

We have to make a choice, right now, where we are going to go from here. We have to commit to our dreams if we want them to come true. We have to go for plan A right now!

No more excuses of “it’s just not my fate”– because sure, it may be your fate whatever challenges you are in the middle of right now, but it’s not your DESTINY!

We have the free will to chose if we are going to be drug addicts for ten years, or for one year, and if we are going to have a difficult childhood controlling our life for the next 30 years or not.

Let go of past, and move on from this fresh moment. When we really want something, we take action, we don’t just wish things were different.

One small step in the direction of our dreams today will get the energy moving, and soon you will be carried forward by it. Success comes to those who has chosen it.

And by taking some action right now towards that success, is the same as stating our intention in a very powerful way to the universe and we are surely on our way!

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  1. Brandy–

    I’m so glad it inspired you– you made my day by sharing that with me.
    It warms my heart to know every time something I wrote has inspired or helped someone else.

    Thank You 🙂

  2. 🙂 Thanx!

    One of my life mottos is “go straight for happiness”- it has always helped me stay focused and not waver from my path that I have chosen, because I really believe in the saying “there is no way to happiness; happiness is the way” 🙂

  3. Lana Leazer

    God Bless you Maria!! Great inspiration. Peace, Balance and Love!

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