Evolution of Consciousness: Ascending Symptoms

Sometimes I get questions from people wondering what’s going on with them as they had expected the spiritual path to be one filled with joy 24/7 (and it’s not), so I wanted to write down ten (among many other) symptoms that helps us grow the awareness to what is happening and to help embrace the change that comes with any energetic change in our life and selves.

Remember there’s an ego involved in all this, and it will not give you (its home) up easily.

Sometimes the inner transformation includes the most severe inner struggle, while at other times the symptoms of us ascending to higher vibrations can be felt physically, on our bodies.

A lot of things begins to happen when we are ascending to higher vibrations, such as:

  1. Sudden flue-like symptoms that only lasts for a day or two.
  2. Walking into doors and walls; dizziness. This happens when our bodies is adjusting itself to our new energetic vibration.
  3. Changes in prayer and meditation; feeling like you are no longer connected with God or the divine, whatever that means to you.
  4. Having spiritual temper tantrums (experiencing spiritual growing pain)- behaving like a child who doesn’t get what he/she wants.
  5. You may suddenly no longer resonate with your religion or spiritual beliefs. This can be very difficult and disturbing.
  6. Feeling a deep yearning for meaning and spiritual connection in your life but you feel dis-connected and confused, unable to move forward and you can’t go back to what was either.
  7. Itching and tingling sensations in the body. Even ‘crawling’ sensations under your skin.
  8. Days of fatigue and not wanting to do anything, feeling discouragement and even deep hopelessness at times.
  9. Headaches, pressures in the head, and weird/new sensations, especially in the crown-area
  10. Emotional outbursts and sudden mood shifts; old stuff coming up, feelings of grief, fear, rage, profound resentment, even feelings of depression (not just feeling a bit ‘down’ but really depressed), and having emotional roller-coasters going from weeping to laughing in a heartbeat.

These things happens to most people, and are perfectly ‘normal’ (and ultimately positive), and it’s all a part of the transformational process.

A lot of positive changes occur at the same time, but on a different level; such as:

  • Memory loss in a positive way; you find yourself having lost the ability to reference to the past. The ‘old you’ is like a different person all together, it’s like looking back on someone elses life.
  • We start looking younger, feeling more vibrant and alive 🙂
  • Having increased integrity; we speak our truth more, we learn to say “no’, and leaving relationships where we can’t be who we are. We learn how to stand in our own power.
  • Altered states of consciousness and having mystical spiritual experiences. Experiences of awakening. Life-changing aha-moments of clarity and absolute inner Truth.
  • Changes in eating patterns – you may become a vegetarian; you may become more sensitive to alcohol, you may even loose interest in alcohol all together. You may become very sensitive to sugar and caffeine.
  • Experiences of pure ecstasy, bliss and intervals of tremendous joy, love, peace and compassion. You feel an overwhelming feeling of Love to all. Experiences of complete Oneness.
  • We become more aware of our environment and vibes from other people, and also own behaviors and thought patterns. More awareness in everything basically.

Sometimes; when we go through the valleys of life (as we all do at times) and we feel like we don’t even want to meditate, I really urge you to continue meditating and praying anyway, in any way you can.

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The first step to transformations and progress in life is to recognize the guidance and then simply let go and go with the flow of what is shown. Trust your intuition and you will always be rewarded for it.


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  3. Ann Non Imus

    I heard that when things start closing in and we become removed from a situation that that may be because we are ascending. It’s all too confusing to me.

  4. Wow, this post is old! Must be almost ten years now I think. Fun to read it again 😊

    Yes, don’t worry Ann, if you’re removed from a situation it’s because you’ve outgrown it or it has served its purpose somehow.

    Trust that something else (and better) unfolds and will come to you when the old is let go of.

    It’s when you’re in the transition-time in between the new and the old that things can get a bit confusing but the fog will soon clear up.

    Or what was it that you meant when you said it’s all too confusing to you?

    If you share more details I can help you understand better.

  5. Ann Non Imus

    My heart is involved with this girl and I miss her very much and think about her, last thought of the day and first thought of the morning. I am presently blocked from her because, for one, I told her to do that because I couldn’t bear putting myself through watching her online cam in that situation anymore and I was really starting to dm her too much on Twitter telling her how I felt about this and that. I want to go into more details with you, and then, I don’t. You know? Telling our story over and over get’s old, tiresome, and just makes it seem less viable when we just seem to keep beating that dead horse. Of course, these are just cliche’s and the actuality of this situation is to me, very viable, valid, and real. I go to bed each night just wishing I could ascend right out of this life.

  6. I understand. Heartache is real, for sure.

    You did the right thing making some space between the two of you though, and in this process of distancing yourself from her Life can come in and correct whatever is out of alignment.

    Trust that whatever and whoever comes and goes in and out of your life is always as it should.

    The more we hold on to things/people/situations etc. the more difficult the transition becomes.

    Surrendering the whole matter to the Universe is what is called for.

    When this is done sincerely you will feel a sense of relief and inner peace will come over you and that’s when you’re able to move past this and get to a higher level of consciousness.

    Here’s some of my posts and articles about surrender that can be helpful to you:


    The funny thing is that once we let go fully (of whatever it is for you personally), that which is ours comes to us naturally without us having to do anything at all but to let it in.

    Sometimes people come back but most of the time when people are in these types of transitions they are meant to release and let go so that they can move on.

    People will always be coming and going in and out of our lives and some will stay for longer periods of time (sometimes even for a lifetime although that’s rare) while others are simply meant to stay for a brief moment.

    If you look at it from the other person’s perspective it’s easier to see the bigger picture and have more understanding and awareness about the nature of the relationship so do that too.

    Sometime we can be so caught up in our own sadness and drama that we are blind to seeing beyond our own pain.

    There’s always something larger going on and every person that comes into our life has something to teach us.

    So you can ask yourself questions like:

    “What is the purpose of us coming together?”

    “What do I need to understand about our relationship and this situation?”

    “What am I not seeing clearly?”, “What is this meant to teach me?”

    And so on. Be sincere about it and you will get answers and clarity.

    And then end your inner conversation/inquiry with something like:

    “I hereby release her fully and completely from my life.

    I release her to her highest good, and I release myself too to my highest good. I bless her and wish her well, and whatever is meant to happen will happen. It’s now out of my hands and in the hands of the Divine. Maybe we will reunite some day in the future, but maybe we won’t. Either way I’m okay. Whatever happens I know it’s for our highest good. We are both set free now.”

    And if you still feel grief over the relationship then know it’s normal and natural!

    It can be painful to end a (any) relationship, it’s just important to move on too and as you let go you will be able to do so.

    There might still be sadness and grief for a short period of time afterwards and that’s okay, just keep releasing her (and yourself) to the highest good and things will soon get better.

    Hope this was helpful to you and do not hesitate to comment/ask/share more in case there’s anything else that’s on your mind and in your heart.

    All the best, always,


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