I Can Give You Enlightenment

Obviously I’m joking!

Sometimes people send me links to different websites and I oftentimes see the same type of sales pitches and truthfully it’s mind boggling that so many people buy into the nonsense.

As religion is slowly dying and people are realizing how anti-intellectual and ignorant it is – it’s the true evil of the world (as there is no God nor devil), it’s the one and only force in this world that is the cause of most wars, suppression of women, discrimination of human rights to love one another no matter of gender, and the systematic raping of children and molestation of them, all in the name of God.

As it is dying, so is confusion raising along with the fall of it.

People are still looking for something outside of themselves to save them.

If it can’t be Jesus, then surely a guru, the angels or even the fairies can save you and guide you to eternal bliss and liberation.

As I mentioned before, sometimes people send me different links to websites, and recently I ran into a site that inspired me to write this article, because it’s saddening to see how gullible people are.

Can’t they see how ridiculous it is to believe someone who actually promotes themselves as an enlightened master and says he/she has the power to give you enlightenment?

Once again, as I have said many times before; No person can give another person enlightenment!

Enlightenment is not about the person, it’s not the ego that gets enlightened.

Just because someone has an Indian sounding name baba gaba or swami this or that or says they are blessed by the Lord or whatever, that doesn’t mean that they are enlightened.

They may think (and sincerely believe) they are because of some spiritual experience they had in the past, but that doesn’t make them enlightened.

Just because someone look all holy and saintly doesn’t make them to be an awakened being.

Holy and saintly

Look how enlightened I look. I’m so holy and pure, don’t you want what I have? I can give it to you. I have the power to give you enlightenment and go all Namaste on you. The good Lord has given it to me.

That’s a show for ego’s – that’s what’s attractive to ego’s; they like the specialness they think enlightenment will give them.

As if they become someone better or more shiny and loving, eternally, blissfully smiling, dancing through life with their arms stretched up towards the sky – with a big smile on their faces, forever and ever in a cloud of happiness.

That’s the typical image on these types of sites, have you noticed?

It’s typically new age, self-help and other woo woo websites that has the man or woman with a big smile on their faces and arms stretched towards the heavens that is attractive to the ego.

Permanent bliss

 Look how happy I am! Eternal bliss is possible! You can get it too – permanent bliss!

Happy happy joy joy forever and ever!

Ego’s love that! “Oh, eternal happiness – I want that too!”

It’s hilarious and at the same time it’s sad that that’s what many people respond to.

“If religion can’t give me permanent bliss then this guru or spiritual teacher surely can! Just look at the shiny images of happy people on their website. It must be true! Me like very much, me wants happiness and bliss too!”

Now these sites are popping up regarding enlightenment too – as if it was a self improvement project of becoming a better you, a more blissful you.

An enlightened you. 

I also noticed that some use the word “spiritual science” in there too and that is just ridiculous!

They actually use the word “science” in their sales pitch.

I don’t even know what to say about that. It’s just plain dumb. 

If you are one of them that seriously consider programs and satsangs of that kind, do yourself a huge favour and ask them about the scientific understanding they claim they have.

Also, look out for cult like behaviour.

If a guru promotes freedom, then why are you not allowed to speak or interact with the other participants at the satsangs?

Because the guru wants all attention on him/her and for you to be self-obsessed.

So much for human togetherness and oneness, huh? 

Many people are emotionally vulnerable to these types of things, and also to the group feeling it gives, to be a part of something and to be able to say “my guru says..” that they totally ignore the red flags that I (with all my heart!) hope is there somewhere that helps discern what is good for you and what to stay the hell away from.

And to think that one become enlightenment by avoiding pain is only leading the person into more delusion.

Those websites and “gurus” also teaches you how to overcome “negativity” and usually they teach avoidance and denial. 

We ‘overcome’ things by facing them, not by avoidance.

No one can give you enlightenment, period.

No matter how saintly and holy their appearance may be. Don’t buy into that nonsense. 

Give up clinging to your beliefs (religious or ‘spiritual’), let go of whatever techniques you use in order to attain anything if only for a moment and your true nature will begin to unfold from within.

Liberation and self realization is not something that is added unto you from the outside and it’s not about eternal bliss and a saintly look on your smiling face that never wanes.

Bliss is a part of it, but so is all the other emotions and feelings that a human being has.

If anything, enlightenment (or awakening to truth) allows everything as it includes everything, not just the gushy feelings of exaltation and excitement. 

That you can get from a rock concert too, it’s the same effect and it’s struggle free.

No need to purify yourself or anything.

Just enjoy life and stop chasing a never ending blissful state. It doesn’t exist.

To come to that realization is a liberation in itself. 


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