Stories about synchronicity, signs and flow
Stories about synchronicity, signs, and the flow of Life

I’m looking for people who have an inspiring story to share.

It’s for a new project that I’m currently working on so if you have one, feel very welcome to get in touch!

It has to have these types of elements in it:

  • Must be inspiring, encouraging and empowering. (“If I can do it then anybody can”, “you can trust yourself/the Universe”, etc.)
  • Have synchronicity in it, and other signs and guidance from the Universe.
  • Hero’s Journey type of story, or an ‘against all odds’ story where you got help from the invisible hands of the Universe.
  • The magic and miracles that happened when you followed your intuition. Or how it maybe even saved you from something.

It can be about anything really; but it has to be about what happens when you follow your inner guidance; your gut and intuition, and the flow of your own life’s energy.

You can be known and you can also be totally unknown, makes no difference at all.

It’s your story that matters, and maybe you have a good one that would be inspiring and empowering for others to know about.

Maybe you gave away all your belongings and went backpacking around the world and your life were filled with amazing synchronicities and other magical things that happened along the way.

Of maybe you decided to leave an abusive relationship and didn’t know how you were going to make it, but you did, and found that the Universe supported and helped you all the way.

It can also be about your experience of surrendering to the flow of Life and what happened when you released the control, or when you let go of a challenge or a difficult and pressing situation, and how it resolved itself as if by magic. Stories like that.

It can also be about taking huge leaps in life such as moving to another country for example, and where you then experienced perfect divine timing with everything, where the right people showed up at the exact right time etc etc.

Maybe people called you crazy and said you would never make it and so on, and maybe you were scared, but you chose to trust your inner guidance and path and went for it anyway, regardless of what other people (or your fear) said and thought.

Basically a personal story about when you decided to follow the flow of your own life’s energy and live a life that is more aligned with you and who you really are, and how worth it it was now that you’re living the life that is most true and right for you.

You get the idea. 😊

If you have a story to share, please get in touch below.

I only need a BRIEF description of your story to begin with, so please keep it short.

It’s just so that I can an idea of your story, and then I will know if it will fit into the project or not, and if it does, then we can talk more about everything.

I’m also looking for people living in Marbella – Fuengirola area in Costa del Sol in Spain with similar stories, but that has to do specifically with their work (so self-employed people, or people with a business/company located in that area.)

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