Transformational meetings in Costa del Sol, Spain.

Teaching ➤ Conversation ➤ Coaching ➤ Transformation.

Learn how to be use your mind and energy in empowering (life-changing!) ways and live in alignment with the flow of Life.

These group meetings are for people who want to create change in their lives and/or get the most out of themselves and their lives.

You’ll learn universal principles that’s behind all successful personal growth as well as practical ways for improving any area of your life such as your relationships, health, career, connection to the Divine, and more.

Become the conscious creator of your life and shift into a higher level of living and fulfillment.

Upgrade and change your mindset and beliefs, become the best version of yourself, change any circumstances, and get the most out of life.

These interactive meetings includes direct coaching and guidance from me personally (for those who want that) and gives you the opportunity to discover how you can transform your specific life circumstances or challenges. 

I’ll teach the most important keys to transformation and share tools, steps and practices that you can implement in your life to create significant changes and tangible results and progress to the next level of your personal growth and overall happiness.

The vibe of the meetings: 

Mind-opening, insightful, fun, empowering and transformational, and there will also be exercises (and homework for those who’d like to be held accountable for their progress) and Q&A’s. 

You’ll leave feeling empowered and inspired to take charge of every aspect of your life.

You can expect things to start flowing your way, an increase in synchronicity and clearer inner guidance and a new reality to begin to unfold before your eyes. 

The meetings are approximately 90 minutes to two hours each time depending on the size of the group.

You are welcome to join as many or few of the 4 meetings as you’d like. (Just let me know beforehand.)

Each meeting will build on the previous though so I recommend you join the very first one that is on November 3, 2018. 

Dates: The meetings have now ended. Please contact me below to inquire about upcoming meetings and events in Costa del Sol, Spain. 



The meetings are held in Marbella area. (Details upon registration.)

Feel very welcome to contact me if you have any questions. 

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