What Oneness is not

Oneness is not a concept.

It’s not about sitting around the campfire singing Kumbaya together.

It’s not about being in contact with your “higher self” or becoming united with it.

It’s deeper than that and it has nothing to do with two becoming One.

Ask yourself; Who has a higher self? And how come you identify with the lower self?

If you think that you have a lower self and a higher self then look deeply into who it is that has those two selves.

How many of you is there? Look into that and see what you find.

That’s what self inquiry is.

Oneness is not about “light and love” only. It’s not about bliss and peace and a neverending awesomeness.

Oneness includes both darkness and light. 

Oneness is not about uniting with a God.

And it’s not even realizing you are a God. God or Godliness has nothing to do with this.

Everything is an aspect of yourself, and all concepts whether it is a concept of a God or not, is only in the way to realizing who you are because it makes you always strive to become someone you think you’re not.

When doing so life becomes a project and godliness or whatever becomes a goal.

But who is it that has that goal? That’s my question to you.

Who is it that thinks he/she is not enough yet?

Who thinks that there is a place from where to live that is divinely correct and perfect?

Who is it that one day thinks they will reach something called “Oneness”?

Look into that, and then also start to ask yourself questions like:

How am I one with this? In what way am I life? How am I life?

Oneness is not about togetherness. It’s not about unification.

It’s more like melting into who you already are, where you find yourself stripped away from everything you thought you were. But there is no coming together as in two becoming One.

We don’t become “whole”, instead we come to realize that we already are whole and have always been.

Oneness can’t be taught, and it can’t be named or called anything, even my attempt to write about it in this article is a total failure from my side.

But I do it anyway because I’m inspired to.

If anything, it’s not about knowing things, but to realize that you don’t really know anything at all. 

To believe in Oneness and experience Oneness is not the same, and living Oneness is again something totally different.

The perspective of Oneness can be experienced in a flash and it can be life-altering and I have had two of those experiences in my own life.

I was literally one with everything and there was no beginning nor ending to me, everything was like a giant painting and I was that.

And I knew that that was what life was in reality. 

It’s very difficult to explain, but it was a huge and life altering realization and it lasted for a few minutes maybe before I could for example look at my hand and see it as a part of ‘me’ again.

It was a beautiful experience and it happened completely spontaneously and out of the blue. 

Another time I saw that I am the world and that the world has a similar construct as the human being in regard that it is alive and breathing. 

I saw how the rainforest for example was breathing (that it is the lunges of the world) and I saw that I am that and I am also this (the human) and we are very similar, we’re alike in more ways than we know.

It’s like a living organism that we are a part of, like a web, and it was something I experienced and it wasn’t something I merely thought was a nice thought and that I believed to be true. 

It was a direct experience of being One with the world/universe. 

Living from that space on a constant basis is probably what happens when the body dies, or just before we are born, because even if there was still a sense of individuality the lines between ‘me’ and ‘what is’ was pretty much removed.

I don’t even know if that is something desirable to experience all the time 24/7, or even possible.

I mean it was beautiful and all that, but I also think it’s not a permanents ‘state’ to live from while being a human and having this particular experience. 

Life is an experience and so is death, and so is that which is between those experiences too. Whatever that might be.

High, low, light, dark, and so forth. 

I don’t think anything is ever permanent, I see life as a moving thing, not a creation but a discovery of what is already here.

What we realize is that love is love, and it can be different. And that’s okay. That’s the awakening.

There is no constant stream of “agape love” that comes beaming out of us and that is felt and experienced all the time towards all beings and love and light and ooh how lovely everything is all the time. 

We don’t rate or measure love and strive to express it in perfect ways.

If love is there, it’s there. If it’s not, it’s not. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s the realization.

Oneness is not about you and me doing ‘spiritual work’ together thinking we help people realize Oneness. It’s not a course you can take.

Looking into a childs eyes, or even your dogs eyes and seeing yourself there is what it is about – no one needs to be special or wiser than you to see that, because what you see is an aspect of yourself – it’s a recognition.

You can get that from being in nature too. 

People can even be offended by someone’s realization that a God is not even needed in all this, while at the same time the very same people strive to become “One with the divine”!

And then they resent or look weirdly at someone who has experienced that. (=Oneness).

The same thing happened when I had a vision of Jesus coming to me and speaking to me some years ago.

There were some Christians that were actually angry at me for saying something like that, (“Blasphemy, blasphemy!”) and all the while they are the very same people who are waiting for the second coming of Christ!

And then they are angry if someone says they have had Jesus talking with them..?

If it’s not a charismatic religious leader or something that says he heard the good Lord speak to him (or her), then it’s fine of course because it’s a “man of God” and not an average person like you and I.

But wasn’t Jesus an ordinary man too..? A carpenter, was he? Hm, ..

It makes no sense to me.

And we don’t even know for sure that Jesus ever existed.

Where I am now in my own evolution I know that it was a vision yes, and it was very real and it was very helpful to me and so on, but we don’t even know if the man Jesus has even existed.

I think that if I had been born and raised in India for example then I would have seen one of the gods they believe in instead of Jesus. 

Having read the Bible he wasn’t even that kind and nice that most people would have him to be, if he ever existed in the first place. (Which is of no importance to me, I don’t care if he did exist or not).

But people are cherry picking the Bible and only look at and quote the nice and comforting things that was supposedly said by Jesus and the God in the Bible.

It was written by a bunch of control-freak males that wrote what they wrote based on hearsay as the Bible wasn’t even written at the time when Jesus supposedly was alive.

It’s based on hearsay and rumors, and who knows, maybe the walking on water-thing and so forth came from them having eaten a heavy dose of magic mushrooms or something and that’s why they saw spectacular things like that. 

We don’t know what happened and didn’t happen, but truth remains that there are people even today that can heal others like Jesus did and they are shunned by religious people if they are not seen as “men of God”. (=religious).

I know this from my own experience.

Some years ago when I did healing work some (religious) people I know said I will burn in hell for doing work like that (it was Reiki for gods sake!) and they gasped when I said that even Jesus said that we can do more things than he did or something like that. (‘As it is written in the Bible’).

But no, they sincerely probably still think that I will burn in hell for eternity for the “sin” of having done healing work.

It’s mind boggling that people actually believe things like that; millions and millions of people believe in a God that send people to burn in hell for eternity if they don’t love and obey him.


So Oneness is not about coming together with a God, no matter what God you happen to believe in. 

It’s about seeing and recognizing yourself in another and in nature and so on.

When seeing that we also naturally respect nature and other human beings and animals etc too, and it’s not a chore – it’s not about becoming god-like and doing good and being perfect.

We don’t become a doormat.

We will still have our opinions and preferences, you will still live your life even if you know you are life.

It’s not about us being right and they wrong and we stand united as One force against those others over there.

That’s not Oneness. Not even if it’s all “spiritual” as in the campfire Kumbaya-thing I mentioned in the beginning of the article where we are all ‘One Love beaming out our divine and pure love to the world who is not yet One’.

No, it’s a realization that whatever you see is yourself, but it’s not something mystical or special.

It’s ordinary, obvious and indescribable.

I just call it life. Even to use words as ‘consciousness’ has too many meanings attached to it, so life will do just fine for me. It kind of includes everything and leaves nothing out. 

Life is life (♫ “na naa na na na – Life is Life!”♪ Remember that song?) 🙂

That’s not very attractive for the ego to hear, the ego wants to hear that it is a special feeling or place to live from, but it’s not, and that’s kind of what’s awesome about it.

It’s not even ‘spiritual’. 

I don’t really like that word that much anymore. I don’t like how contaminated it is with new age nonsense, it has become like a new kind of religion almost. 

I’m into the real stuff, where you actually meet yourself and you don’t hide from anything you are being shown, but you meet it and that is not always comfortable and easy – it’s not about making the ego feel better or soothed.

Oneness is about seeing all aspects of yourself, not only the light, ‘spiritual’ side.

It’s about recognizing that you are It.

What that ‘It’ is is for you to discover for yourself, no one can teach it to you or give it to you, and it has nothing to do with coming together with your true self or whatever.

It’s not about two entities becoming One, it’s not you becoming One with God, or the divine, or any other spiritual sounding concept.

It’s you realizing that you are one with everything.

Not in a special way, but in an obvious way, and it may even be so obvious that you laugh out loud at how obvious it is.

It doesn’t mean that you have reached perfection. You are still a human being.

You will still have your stuff to deal with, but you see it from a different perspective.

And it’s not a state where you are forever blissful, having a constant ‘spiritual’ smile on your face.

You are just simply real.

True spirituality is not about projecting an artificial image of a ‘spiritual person’ that the mainstream spiritual arena is full of, it’s not about being perfect, and it’s not about worrying about your image and putting up a show for others and then trying to pull them into that kind of ‘Oneness’ which only is the false one.

It’s not about togetherness. It’s not about a bunch of spiritualised ego’s coming together trying to save the world.

You simply (but not necessarily easily) walk through the door into yourself but once you’re on the other side you discover that there was no door, there is no ‘this side that and that side’ and that the door you have been trying to open, the door you have been banging and knocking on – it wasn’t real, it was only a belief and it didn’t really exist in reality.



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