Spiritual Awakening Advice: Walking

Walking is helpful when you’re in the spiritual awakening process.

When I lived in Norway and was going through my awakening process I used to walk for hours and hours and in the summertime I also used to walk barefoot in the woods.

I walked when I felt awful and I walked when I felt blissful, but I walked and walked.

And then I walked some more.

Sometimes I had to really force myself to go out, either because I felt completely overtaken by darkness, or I felt as if I wanted to crawl under the blanket and hide from the rest of the world and never be among other people again.

It took great effort at times to go out and there were times when I hurried to the woods where I knew I could be somewhat alone, and I did this because I had learned from experience how helpful it was.

That’s why I’m sharing this with you now. 

Nature is amazing and such a good friend!

It’s important to be connected to the earth, to get grounding, especially when you’re on the spiritual path.

You need to literally feel the earth under your feet to get the most of it so in the summertime there was a lot of feet-scrubbing going on at nights when I came in from having walked over mud, rocks and grass for hours. 

I know without a shadow of a doubt that my walking in the woods helped tremendously in my awakening process, so if you feel really yucky, dark, depressed or anxious, then do what I did;

Go out for a really long walk.

Like a three hour long walk or something (I did that all the time), and if you can, walk barefoot.

I promise you it will help you in your spiritual awakening process.

Force yourself if you have to, and go somewhere where you can be alone as much as possible.

While you walk, talk with yourself, Life (or that which you call “God”), communicate, cry, be angry, vent, rant.

Hug a tree. Feel love and peace dwell up from within. Look at the sky and marvel.

Whatever mood you may be in; just go.

Be free, and don’t hide under the blanket, but go out the door and slink into the woods as fast as you can and allow yourself to fully absorb the love and serenity you find there.

Nature is such a great and compassionate teacher and friend, and whatever is burdening your heart and Spirit, it will be healed and restored once you get out there and connect with it.

I know it can be difficult.

There were times I dreaded to even go to the grocery store but I had to go and hoped and prayed to god that no one spoke to me and that I could go back home again quickly.

I know how it is to be overtaken by darkness and be in indescribable agony and spiritual suffering.

But I didn’t let that win.

I trusted my path, I trusted Life to bring me through even if there were times when I felt completely abandoned.  

The point I’m trying to make here is that even if there’s massive resistance, do it anyway.

Go out in nature and be free there and I promise you that you will progress in your spiritual awakening process much quicker than if you’d succumb to crawling under the blanket in an attempt to avoid the darkness.

Let the Light within you win.

Go out for a long walk in nature and simply be with it, in stillness, in peace, and let it envelope you in its love and serenity and when you come back home again you will feel very different, in a good way. 

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barefoot walking
These are actually my feet! LOL! This picture came to mind now that I wrote this post (see it here). It’s from when I lived in Norway and was on one of my long walks. As you can see, walking helps on creativity as well! 🙂


Did you know, that when walking on the earth barefoot, free electrons from the earth transfer into our body via the soles of our feet?

They are some of the most potent antioxidants known to man.

The electrons cause beneficial changes in heart rate, decreases inflammation, reduces pain, promotes healthy sleep, and thins our blood, and much more!

Imagine this, not with your mind, but with your senses; nature, absolute stillness, you walking barefoot, listening to the winds blowing in the trees…

Walking barefoot also helps with present moment awareness as it makes you very aware of every step you take.

The second your mind starts to wander either to past of future you will become aware of it because you’ll lose attention of the Now moment!

I hope you’re inspired to go out for a walk, or just walk barefoot in the backyard/garden a little bit every day – it’s so good for us!

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