I conduct Spiritual Talks and Group Mentoring in Nerja, Malaga, Spain:

  • Weekly one hour talks where I share about Spiritual Awakening and Transformation of Consciousness (all the different topics that I write about here on mariaerving.com.)
  • Weekly Group Mentoring meetings (approximately 90 minutes to two hours depending on the size of the group.)

Please contact me for more information about these meetings: Contact me here.

I’m also available for speaking and teaching invitations worldwide:

Invitations and Requests.

To join me in my Spiritual Development classes here in Nerja, please go here for more information:

Spiritual Transformation Classes.

Home visits (and office, hotel etc.) possible in Marbella – Malaga area.

Couples/friends/family meetings (with group healing session) as well.

Please read “Sessions” page for more information.