Spiritual waiting room

I don’t know about you, but I have had many foot-stomping moments of spiritual temper tantrums when I have felt stuck and frustrated. Nowadays I recognize them before I let it go that far and I know I have to take step back from whatever it is that I am trying to accomplish. And simply let God do his thing and not interfere. Sometimes we have to let go of trying to control how things will unfold for us.

Often the ways of God surprises us, and we couldn’t have figured out the path by ourselves. Just know that when we let go and let God, we will be delighted, because that is how God is. All is really well and God doesn’t need our “help”.

There is a fine line between being scared to move forward and outside of our comfort zone, and being asked to wait by God, and awareness is the key to what’s going on. There is a reason why things are not moving forward and by asking yourself, or God if you will, what it is, you get the answers.

Sometimes there are things waiting for us in the near future that we know nothing about yet, and when we try to make things happen ourselves while at the same time hearing God really clearly telling us to chill and we just continue to ignore what our intuition is telling us, we are only standing in our own way. God has the whole picture. He knows the way. He has people lined up for us, situations that benefits us (and others) and all sorts of means ready to help us– if we could just relax and don’t try to “fix” something that is not even broken!

Stress and struggle has to be banished for good. Remember the saying “there can be no happy ending to an unhappy journey”. We have to learn to only do things from a place of alignment which means doing things only when we are inspired, and not from a place of being merely motivated, which is often based in some kind of fear; “if I’m not doing this NOW, then this awful thing might happen so I HAVE to make it happen NOW, or else..”

Sure, motivation can be a powerful force behind our “doing” but we should only act on it if we feel inspired or empowered, when it feels good to us.

From my own experience I have learned to stop immediately whenย I feel I am trying too hard, or if I feel stuck somehow. I have learned to simply stop what I’m doing altogether and distract myself from the “challenge” by quieting down my mind, connecting with myself again and looking within for answers.

Powerful questions to ask yourself and conversations to have with yourself could be:

  • I feel I’m ready for the next step; but if I’m not, then make me. You know what’s best for me God.
  • If I have some fears that I don’t know about on a subconscious level, then I am asking you God to undo them, and restore me to who and what I know myself to be. Take my fears and I receive your peace in exchange. (yes; God wants to give it to you more than anything else, because in peace the lines is completely open)
  • What is it that I need to learn before I can move forward? Show me what I need to know.
  • Is this procrastination coming from ego, or is it God telling me to wait? Give me signs God, communicate with me so that I know what to do, if there is anything I need to do.
  • What is the next step for me? (trust the answer that comes up, even if it says that you should do nothing)

And finally I say something like this:

“I have no idea why I feel this stuck, when I know I have the willingness and passion, and I’m so eager to do this! But I know you know the whole picture God, so I’m just going to sit here quietly and listen for direction, and I’m going to trust whatever comes up, because I know you know everything about this situation and I myself know nothing. So I leave this whole matter in your hands now, knowing that when it’s my turn to do something, I will know, because the communication between us is so clear. Thank you God, for always helping me.”

And then I just sit and listen, with this phrase in mind:

” Be still and know that I am God”.

And don’t try to find the answers! ๐Ÿ˜€ Let them come to you. It’s not up to you to figure out the answers at all. Leave the task to God.

Remember: “Be still and know that I am God”


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  1. Lana Leazer

    My blessings, sister..thank you for the reminder!! Much Love!

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  4. Oh man, I struggle with this one. I’m always on the quest to figure it out. What “it” is changes, but there’s always something. Right now, the main thing is my blog. I’m trying to figure out, well, EVERYTHING! What to write about, who to write to, how to change things, when to change them. I just want to see the big picture, NOW.

    But it doesn’t work like that, does it? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for the reminder that sometimes, we need to just listen. Live the questions. And act only when we feel moved to (perhaps this is why my writing is suffering?). Thank you, Maria!

  5. That’s the game of the ego, always trying to get away from this moment, to fix something, do this, do that, always in a hurry.

    It’s amazing how things seem to fall into place when we relax a bit:-)

    Here’s a few of my posts that you might like:




    Regarding your writing; I know the “rules” in the blogging-world, I know that you’re “suppose to write at least X number of posts each week” and so on but I don’t follow them at all.

    I really need to feel moved to write, be inspired to write, because if I don’t I just struggle to get it out so to speak and the article comes out kind of dull.

    So I don’t even go there anymore. I respect the fact that it’s not “I” who does anything, the doing is done through me and I need to stay alert and open for insights to come through.

    We have to let ourselves be used as channels for whatever actions is meant to happen through us and not force our way to anything in order for things to turn up good or great.

    Inspiration comes from being in Spirit.

    Regarding your blog:

    I don’t know if you know this about me, but I have a background in Internet Marketing and I love WordPress, so if you need any help or advice with anything that has to do with IM, WP, Social Media etc, contact me and we can make an appointment for a chat on Skype.

    Just let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

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