Transformational Teleclasses

I don’t do Teleclasses anymore, but you get access to all the recordings as soon as you join the membership site.

All the MP3 recordings becomes visible (and downloadable) for you on this page once you’re logged in.

The Teleclasses were recorded and published around 2014-2015 and are still very current to many people around the world who are going through their awakening process. 

List of Teleclasses:

Spiritual Chemicalization (38 min.)

How To Detach From The False Self (30 min.)

Stepping Into Our Greatness Can Be Uncomfortable (36 min.)

Transform Your Mind With The Power Of Words (36 min.)

The Power of Faith (60 min.)

Sacrifice The Lesser For The Greater (34 min.)

How To Enter the Peace and Rest of God and Stay There (36 min.)

BONUS AUDIO: Guided Forgiveness Meditation: Forgive others, be forgiven, and forgive yourself. (29 min.)

Surrender to God’s Will and Let the Spirit of God Help You (1 hour, 13 min.)

The Dreaded Unknown On Our Own Individual Hero’s Journey (35 min.)

Win the Battle In Your Mind (38 min.)

The Principle of Tithing PART 1/2 (29 min.)

The Principle of Tithing PART 2/2 (1 hour, 4 min.)

Free Will, Spiritual Surrender and Acceptance (43 min.)

Challenge Your Concept Of God (36 min.)

Letting Go Of Fear and Worry (26 min. + 3-page bonus PDF)

The Choice Between Love and Fear + The Ego’s Pursuit of Spiritual Highs (31 min.)

Seeing Through Your Beliefs Leads To Liberation (53 min.)

The Truth About Awakening, and Waking Up From Spirituality (53 min.)

Awakening and going Greta Garbo + Does Spiritual Growth Continue After Awakening (38 min.)

Not Knowing Who You Are Or What To Do (57 min.)

Spiritual Awakening and Desires (55 min.)

Is desire for the Truth enough (in order to awaken)? (53 min.)

Is Ignorance Bliss? (37 min.)

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What others say:

“Oh my goodness, I listened to your Teleclass titled “surrender to God’s will and let the spirit of God help you”. I cannot tell you enough that every single word that you spoke was exactly where I am. That is where I am. It truly is where I am. That’s it hands down. And you spoke of how we surrender at various points of our lives whether it be anger or whatever that makes us surrender which is what I have done many times before so it’s comforting to know that by doing my surrendering that way was still ok. I always felt that I was wrong for feeling the feelings I had felt when I was in despair and felt like flipping off the universe lol! So whew, thank you sooooooo much.”  — Jessica Frazier, Colorado, USA

“Maria, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge through your teleclasses, as well as your articles! Since finding you, I have had many questions answered that had ultimately kept me stagnated. I am beginning to grow in confidence that I’ve never experienced before finding you. I’ve learned acceptance and safety in just being (me) regardless of the opinion of others. I no longer feel compelled to put up a false front for anyone. Presently, I feel myself moving into a very powerful place regarding my relationship with my inner being, which is all I’ve ever desired in the first place. Thank you again, I’m grateful beyond words.” — T. Freeman

“Wow Maria, it’s so refreshing to hear someone say it as it really is and yes boy am I right there, just as if you know all about me! ….Thank you so much.” – Don

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“I’ve listened to all your teleclass recordings and continually revisit them again and again. I love them. They resonate strongly with me and I look forward to the latest one. Thank you again, With blessings and love!”  — David Sethi, Cardiff, UK

“Dear Maria, Thank you so much for this week’s Teleclass. I really enjoyed it and I appreciate the loving support. I have, over the past two years at least, experienced many occasions of what I call pendulum swings. Periods of calm punctuated by periods of extreme fear and anger. Very much like you describe. At some level I understood what was happening but didn’t get rid of the guilty feelings that occurred when the anger would return and I would feel a sense of failure. You have really helped me to understand this as a process and that I need not feel guilty when the pendulum swings the other way. Thank you so much for helping me with that. I would like to say that I really enjoy hearing your voice in the Teleclasses more than I do reading on your website. Both are extremely valuable to me but I feel very comforted by your voice and it seems so very real to me when I can listen to you as if you are in the room with me. Thank you for your support Maria.”  — Juliet Bartlett

“I love the Teleclasses! I feel much better having just listened to the Teleclass you suggested. Now that I understand what is happening, I can accept it more and not struggle so much. Earlier today was extremely difficult to say the least – very intense. Felt a complete failure/as though I wasn’t able to surrender and so made the decision to quit the path and go back to my old career (lost faith). The chemicalisation audio spoke to me and allayed those fears – really powerful.”  — TS, Australia

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