Transformational Teleclasses.

These recording are very old, they are from a time when I was still in my awakening process.

I decided to leave them here because they can provide value to others so that they can move through their awakening process faster and with greater awareness and understanding. 

The recordings are able to serve as a great reference point, but of course some of the topics are not relevant to the awakening as such since it clears out all false and limiting beliefs from your consciousness (such as the concept of God). 

There are no powers outside of yourself. Awakening, or enlightenment, means you’ve come home to yourself, that consciousness shifted back to its original nature, which is “God” itself. You are It.  

There are many other topics too that can be relevant to where you’re at in your journey as the topics are many and various (both about personal development and spiritual growth). 

You can listen to the recordings as many times as you’d like (until you cancel your membership).

At this time they are not downloadable so you can only listen to them directly from this page. 

All recordings (mp3) are visible for you on this page once you’re logged in so you can go back and listen to them again whenever you want to.

I don’t do these Teleclasses or specifically give spiritual awakening process guidance anymore, but you have access to all my old audios once you join my membership site.

List of my old Teleclasses:

Spiritual Chemicalization (38 min.)

How To Detach From The False Self (30 min.)

Stepping Into Our Greatness Can Be Uncomfortable (36 min.)

Transform Your Mind With The Power Of Words (36 min.)

The Power of Faith (60 min.)

Sacrifice The Lesser For The Greater (34 min.)

How To Enter the Peace and Rest of God and Stay There (36 min.)

BONUS AUDIO: Guided Forgiveness Meditation: Forgive others, be forgiven, and forgive yourself. (29 min.)

Surrender to God’s Will and Let the Spirit of God Help You (1 hour, 13 min.)

The Dreaded Unknown On Our Own Individual Hero’s Journey (35 min.)

Win the Battle In Your Mind (38 min.)

The Principle of Tithing PART 1/2 (29 min.)

The Principle of Tithing PART 2/2 (1 hour, 4 min.)

Free Will, Spiritual Surrender and Acceptance (43 min.)

Challenge Your Concept Of God (36 min.)

Letting Go Of Fear and Worry (26 min. + 3-page bonus PDF)

The Choice Between Love and Fear + The Ego’s Pursuit of Spiritual Highs (31 min.)

Seeing Through Your Beliefs Leads To Liberation (53 min.)

The Truth About Awakening, and Waking Up From Spirituality (53 min.)

Awakening and going Greta Garbo + Does Spiritual Growth Continue After Awakening (38 min.)

Not Knowing Who You Are Or What To Do (57 min.)

Spiritual Awakening and Desires (55 min.)

Is desire for the Truth enough (in order to awaken)? (53 min.)

Is Ignorance Bliss? (37 min.)

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