Private sessions via Skype/Zoom including energy healing.

The session begins with us talking on Skype/Zoom for an hour or so and after our conversation it’s time for the energy healing session, which is done offline directly after our talk.

I work intuitively so the duration of the distant healing session varies depending on what I’m guided to do and what your issues/desires are.

Your session also includes a follow-up email where I share any intuitive messages I might have received and where you can share or ask about any experiences that you might have had in the healing session as well.

It’s good if you can take some alone time after the session so it’s best to not schedule anything demanding directly afterwards.

Get in alignment with yourself and the flow of Life

Getting in alignment takes you from struggle, stress, dissatisfaction and feeling frustrated, stuck and drained, to a newfound sense of aliveness, purpose, inner calm, joy, personal power and confidence.

  • Expand your consciousness, raise your energy vibration and come into alignment with yourself and the flow of Life
  • Gain higher awareness and grow in self-awareness (ego/spirit) and (mental/emotional) self-mastery
  • Come to live in the Now where you’re guided from within (intuition) and from without (signs and synchronicity)
  • Watch your outer reality match your inner shifts as you change within yourself (Life transforms from the inside out)
  • Move through life feeling inspired and co-create in the universal flow (Work with Life instead of against it)
  • Feel deeply connected and in love with life (Alignment brings you into harmony with yourself and the Universe),

and more.

It’s all connected.

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