Transformational Session FAQ’S

Sessions with me are a unique combination of intuitive guidance, energy healing and practical transformational coaching.

Here’s some of the questions I get asked:

“Are you a Reiki Healer?”

This is something I get asked all the time. The answer is yes and no.

I’m a Reiki Master but have developed my own unique way of utilizing the universal power of healing energy throughout the 15+ years I’ve been a healer, so I don’t call myself specifically a Reiki healer anymore.

I work intuitively and directly with Source energy.

“I have heard that you’re psychic. Are you?”

Yes, I’m intuitive but I don’t like calling myself “psychic” because using that word tends to attract people who are looking for other services than what I’m providing.

I use my abilities internally (for myself) in my work with my clients. My work is not about conveying any psychic messages or visions to people. I only share what I pick up from people if I feel it would be helpful somehow, and sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.

I do not give “readings” and I do not share any predictions about your future or communicate with your dead grandma or anything like that because that’s not the aim or focus of my work.

You should come to the session with the expectancy of getting transformational coaching/guidance and healing and not anything related to psychic services.

“Do you heal physical problems and issues?”

No, not anymore.

Although physical healings can happen spontaneously since energy healing activates and accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities, but it’s not where my focus is. 

My work is about spiritual and personal growth and transformation, which you can learn more about on my About page.

“Do you feel drained after giving healing to someone?”

No, I don’t.

Some people are afraid that they will drain my energy but giving healing to someone doesn’t drain me because I’m not giving from my personal energy.

I’m channeling the universal energy; it flows through me to the person I’m giving healing.

So it’s not ‘my’ energy you receive and I don’t lose anything by being a channel for it.

“How is a healing session given?”


By you laying down in a comfortable place somewhere where you can be undisturbed and with your eyes closed and arms and legs uncrossed. That’s all you have to do; just relax and enjoy the energies and the healing experience. 

You might feel physical sensations such as tingling, vibrations, twitching and also physically and emotionally feel the release of energy as it gets unblocked. This is all natural and normal.

Most people experience it as deeply relaxing and peaceful and some people also feel my presence even though I might be on the other side of the world.

For distant healing sessions I will also ask for a recent photo of you (face) and your location (city/country is enough).


You’re laying down (on your back) on a healing-bench, wearing comfortable clothes, while I put my hands on different places on your body, from your head down to your feet.

I will only touch you slightly (there’s no massaging involved) and only on appropriate places.

You will most probably fall asleep, or reach a very deep relaxed state where your body is asleep but your mind is aware and awake. It feels almost like floating where you lose the sense of your body (you become pure awareness).

It’s a different experience for everyone, and every session is different too for those who see me more than once.

I may also play some relaxing music in the background.

“How do I prepare for the healing session?”

Come to the session with an open mind and an internal acceptance and intention to fully allow the healing experience. Relax into it and let it do what needs to be done in you and in your life. 

The more you let go of any preconceived ideas or expectations about what it’s going to be like the better experience you will have.

It’s also best to not drink too much caffeine before the session or use perfume, cologne or other strongly scented products. 

After the session I advice you to drink lots of water and take some quiet time alone so it’s best to not schedule anything demanding directly afterwards. 

You will also receive a preparation email for our session together the day before our meeting with some suggestions and instructions.

“Is it possible to book only healing?”

No, I don’t offer single healing sessions.

It’s the combination of both coaching/guidance and energy healing that is most beneficial and helps create the most transformational and life-changing results for people.

“How many sessions do I need?”

Many times clients experience a huge (total) shift in one single session but for even deeper and continuous growth you can have regularly scheduled appointments each month or so to further progress on your spiritual and personal life path. 

“What are the sessions like?”

I understand that this question can come up since we’re all different and want an approach that resonates with us.

So to describe the overall vibe and what you can expect in a few words:

I’m a down-to-earth kind of person and clients tend to feel comfortable with me right away so there’s very little need of any initial small talk.

The meetings are relaxed and also practical as the aim and focus of my work is to help you create positive change and transformations in your life.

I don’t follow any scripts or specific steps in my sessions so there’s a natural flow to them and since every person is different no session is ever the same.

Our time together is always well spent and many times there’s both laughter and tears as well as huge shifts and transformations happening in meetings with clients.

Everything that is meant to be said and heard are always said and heard and the sessions always ends in perfect timing and in perfect ways (very naturally).

If you have any other questions at all let me know.

Simply email me and I’m happy to clarify further if there’s anything you’d like to ask or are curious about. 

This page might be outdated. Please go to my SESSIONS page for up-to-date information about my services.