Two month Flow Intensive: 8 Week long transformational program. 

Work closely with me for the next two months and experience radical transformation, breakthroughs and progress in your life.

In this 8 session Flow Intensive taken over a two month period you will kick-start a whole new chapter in your life that is in alignment with the flow of Life. 

All sessions are deeply personal and tailored according to your individual goals and desires. 

In each session we’ll dive deeper and deeper into Life and as your internal world (consciousness and energy) changes, you life will transform as well.

When you’re in alignment with the Universe life naturally and organically aligns itself with Truth and you with it.

And from there, your new reality and life unfolds, a life that lights up your life from the inside out. 

Get clear on a vision that reflects your truth, get focused and organized, and build on the momentum with a practical plan and support.

The sessions are once a week and up to 2 hours long, starting with coaching and ending with an energy healing session.

To learn more about my energy healing work, go here: Healing FAQ’s.

In addition to our sessions together you’ll also have:

  • Unlimited priority email access to me whenever you want to ask or share something with me.
  • You’ll receive ongoing feedback, suggestions and encouragement from me as you move forward on your path.
  • Personalized assignments each week and a variety of tools, techniques and suggested actions to make use of. 
  • I’ll be your accountability partner to support you and help you stay on track.
  • If you run into challenges I’ll be there to guide and empower you and help you stay in the flow. 
  • I’ll also work energetically ‘behind the scenes’ on you during our whole time together.
  • You also get unlimited email support for two weeks after your last session to further support you on your path. 

We will be powerfully connected.

Consistently working with and being engaged with your energy and consciousness is the key to faster transformation, and having someone that is fully on your side helping and supporting you allows change to happen very quickly.

I only work closely with a few clients at any given moment so that I can give my very best to each person so if you’re truly ready to take your life to the next level, then please fill in the form below and share a little bit about yourself.

After you submit the form I’ll review your answers and if I think I can help you then we’ll have a short chat just to say hello and to see if we’d make a good fit.

What you share with me in your message will never be shared with anyone. It’s strictly between the two of us.


Your email address will not be stored or saved anywhere, nor will you be automatically added to any mailing lists when you submit the form.

All payments are final and non-refundable. 

When you’re in flow with Life you live in harmony with yourself and the Universe, and from that alignment, your truest (and best) life unfolds.