true healing and drug addiction recovery story

Special Anniversary Offer in Honor to the Higher Power that Helped me Change my Life

I always remember January 25 as one of the most important days of my life. Every year around this time I think back on that day almost two decades ago and I feel so grateful to be alive and blessed for having the life I have today. I have a special offer in honor to the Higher Intelligence that is the main reason to why I’m still here today and that lead me to live my purpose.

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When we grow and evolve, our relationship dynamics changes too

A lot of people experience challenges in their relationships when their friends/partner/spouse is not growing with them. Many people feel very alone in their relationships because of this. The reality is that when you grow, your relationship dynamics will change. Hopefully they transform into something better than what you’ve had before.

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When you’re gone, what will people remember you for?

How will people remember you after you die? How do you want to remember yourself? I hope you can say that you had the courage to walk in your truth, to chase after the right things, that you were bold. And I hope you laughed a lot, and that you loved your life, and that you loved, period… Especially yourself. And that you created good memories of yourself and your life that others will remember too.

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