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Living in Alignment with the Flow means that You’ve come Home to Yourself

Today I invite you to take the place of playing the lead role in your life. We get out of alignment with ourselves when we compare ourselves to others or when we try to meet other people’s expectations by listening to their opinions more than our own inner being. This is your one and only life and you should be playing the main character in it. You should be the one who defines and decides what you want, who you want to be, how you want to live and what your own definition of a life well lived is.

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My Drug Addiction Recovery and Healing Journey

I always remember January 25 as one of the most important days of my life. Every year around this time I think back on that day almost two decades ago and I feel so grateful to be alive and blessed for having the life I have today. Whatever you might be going through in your life, please know that there is a Higher Intelligence that is available to you if you call out to it and ask it to help you.

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When we grow and evolve, our relationship dynamics changes too

A lot of people experience challenges in their relationships when their friends/partner/spouse is not growing with them. Many people feel very alone in their relationships because of this. The reality is that when you grow, your relationship dynamics will change. Hopefully they transform into something better than what you’ve had before.

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