A true life is a beautiful life

Let Go of Anything that Feels Heavy

We have been programmed to stay with things that are out of alignment, that’s why people stay in sucky relationships and jobs they don’t really like. If you find yourself justifying something or someone, they are simply not for you. If something feels draining, it is, and it will always be draining, and anything heavy will just get heavier, so release what feels out of alignment and move into flow. Trust yourself, trust your inner reactions and instincts and let the Truth within you set you free!

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Alignment = Manifestation

Surrender is the Key to manifestation. You’ll have the most amazing manifestations when you just relax and let go. Letting go of control allows for things to fall into place. Don’t struggle against the flow. Allow for the free-flowing process of intertwining synchronicities to unfold. Let Life take over completely and watch miracles happen!

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