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Feeling ashamed for being single

Any kind of pain, such as for example shame, is about resistance to the truth of who we really are. These two questions will help you gain new awareness that enables you to confidently shift towards who you really are. You will clearly see that it no longer makes any sense to live your life in the way others expects you to.

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What you believe is limiting you is not real (How to Set Yourself Free)

It’s only to the false self that life is hard. Until you know you’re not the ego, the ego will rule your life and put limitations to what you (think) you can do. Only contraction (fear) creates disharmony/suffering/struggle etc. (but not for the real you), so the work is about releasing the fears because it’s the beliefs you have in your mind that are the real limitations and they are only true for as long as you think they are.

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Rock the boat!

Be a “trouble-maker”. Ignore any advice that someone tells you about not rocking the boat. Most of us are told to be diplomatic, polite and correct, that we should let…

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