Manifesting happens when you get in alignment

Manifesting from a place of Alignment

What you want will manifest and come to you when you get in alignment. If you’re struggling and trying very hard to make something happen in your life but are not succeeding, it could be that you’re not in alignment with what your Soul really wants. Ask yourself these questions with absolute honesty and the answers will reveal to you where you’re coming from, and when you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place too.

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Don’t let fear get to you: Take Charge of Yourself

Meet fear and worry head-on, don’t shy away from it, get to the bottom of it, and by doing this you will become free from it and be able to live as you’re meant to; free from the fears and worries of the false self and the ways it operates in your life. In reality it really has nothing on you, and you will realize this as you overcome and trancend it.

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Life is a Mind Game

How to win the game of life: Instead of asking yourself what you can do about something, ask yourself how you can think about it, and then think only of…

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