Synchronicity and coincidences

Synchronicity and coincidences guides our lives forward

Here’s a few things to ponder and ask yourself that will help increase your awareness of synchronicity and coincidences in your life. Synchronicity and other signs are all part of the evolutionary process that leads us forward in life; it’s the natural unfolding of things and the process that leads to progress. So the more we are open to see them, and the more we follow the signs by responding to them, the more forward momentum our lives also has.

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Do What Makes You Happy

Feeling good means you’re connected to the flow of Life. It’s important to do things that makes you happy (=deeply content/satisfied/fulfilled etc) and having a positive and empowering mindset in…

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Be the best you that you can be

Don’t compare yourself with others.  Looking at what everybody else is doing is taking away energy from what your real focus should be on, which is You. Focus on doing…

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