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Connect With Something Greater Than Yourself

Align your life with the Universe and move through life in the Light.

Many people have lost their connection to Truth and have to relearn how to relate to the universe again. 

Today I want to invite you to leave the darkness of the ego behind you and step into the Light where you belong.

Our true potential is to live in harmony with the Universe, to flow with it.

But the ego voice that tells you what to do, what you ‘should’ do, that you need to conform etc is hindering the Light to come forth.

The ego always thinks about what others think, it needs constant validation and is always constrained to fit in, while the Spirit in us yearns to be free.

Free to be who we are.

Who we really are.

When we have lost our way and our connection, we have to relearn how to be true to ourselves so that we can be ourselves.

Today, make the effort to be visible, no matter what. Drop the mask and the armor.

We are here to serve the Flow of Life, the Universal Flow, but most people today have had their connection cultured out of them.

The cure for that is to deepen your connection with yourself, with the core of who you are.

No need to try to be perfect. 

Just Be You.

You are valuable and worthy of all the goodness in life just as you are!

And I know that you have gifts to give to this world that are of tremendous value to others.

Fear of not being accepted holds people back and puts them in a state of ‘not-enoughness’ where they are too concerned with what others think about them.

So much that they lose sight of what they think about themselves and forget that they are actually part of something that is waaay bigger than the fearful little ego self.

Self-care and loving ourselves is so important. 

So let go of the part of you that feels unworthy and become part of something bigger than yourself instead.

Align with it and let it show you the way in which you can show up in this world being who you are while contributing from a place within you that is anchored in Truth.

The world is waiting for you, for what you have to share and give. Don’t let it wait. Reconnect. 


A powerful way to connect with Life is through walking while talking to the Universe about everything that’s on your mind and heart.

Go for a walk (preferably in nature) and reconnect and talk it all out with the Universe.

Get aligned again. Become part of that which is bigger than yourself.

All that is needed is your willingness and you’re all set for a path of greater clarity and confidence, where you know that you are not alone and that there is nothing to fear.

You are part of that ‘something’ that is greater than you, and have always been.

Now realign with it.

It is waiting for you. 

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